I got a Birdie at Hole 11 at Beaver Island – Disc Golf!

Beaver hole 11 birdie from where I shot

I have more pictures from our Niagara-on-the-Lake trip. But a quick break to tell you about the birdie I got on hole 11 at Beaver Island playing disc golf! This is one of those moments you wished you knew was going to happen so a video could have been taken. I may never do this again! Sunday was a bit windy at Beaver Island. It is located along the upper Niagara River so it is not unusual for some of the holes to be windy. We were on hole 11 and your first shot needs to get through a cluster of trees. Initially my shot was going well and then the wind picked it up and it went more left than I wanted. The above picture shows my relation to the basket. At this point my best shot was to throw it in a manner that would allow it go out to the right and then to curve back to the left hopefully dropping close to the basket. Well believe it or not – the disc went into the basket!! I got a birdie at about 114 feet! I was shocked…. stunned… luckily my husband was there to confirm that it really happened! I was just hoping to get close to the basket! Overall I had my lowest score by 3 strokes. A couple of holes were rather windy so unfortunately I could not break the 90 mark. My highest score at this course was 107 with now my lowest at 90. I was a bit critical of a couple holes where if I tightened up a bit I might have made 89! The par for this course at the whites is 70. It always takes me an extra throw since I do not have the distance as my husband. I am happy if my first two drives equals his first drive. So I look at each hole as Par +1 to see how well I did or did not do with the hole. So for this course I would measure my game at 88 as being great and anything below as excellent with leaning towards perfection in the low 80’s. And yes, I tend to lean towards perfection in everything I do. Low 80’s would be tough for me but if I can work on my short game and maybe improve placement I believe I can still shave off a few more points. I felt I had a really good game on Sunday and that my accuracy and placement is improving.

Beaver hole 11 birdie at the basket

Below are a few more pictures from Sunday’s round and a few pictures from Joseph Davis State Park that we played on Saturday. This is a 27-hole course and it is the second time I played the course. I reduce my score by 8 points so I was happy! Plus I added a few pictures from last weekend when there was a Paddles Up Niagara. You never know what you are going to encounter during the summer!

Beaver Island Sunday 3

Beaver Island Sunday 2

Beaver Island Sunday 1

Beaver Island Sunday 4

A few pictures from Joseph Davis State Park
Joseph Davis State Park 1
Joseph Davis State Park 2
Joseph Davis State Park 3

Beaver Island Paddles Up It was an overcast day and we played each hole in the rain. Sometimes just a few sprinkles – other times we had to wait under a tree until the rain reduced.
Beaver Island Paddles Up 1
Beaver Island Paddles Up 2
Beaver Island Paddles Up 3
Beaver Island Paddles Up 5

Beaver Island Paddles Up 4

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12 replies

  1. Looks like you had a great time.

  2. Congrats! That’s a huge birdie! 🙂

  3. What an amazing day you had at golf…you should frame that picture! Who knows if it will happen again. I wish I could of been there and saw it in person!

    • It was unbelievable and I may never do that again! I will frame those pictures! I wish I knew it was going to happen – I would have had Greg take a video. I was just trying to get as close to the basket as I could. The disc turn left and was traveling to the basket and all of a sudden there was a “clank” and it was in the basket! Just unbelievable!!

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