Orange Walnut Chicken – Skillet Version

One of my favorites (and yes I have many favorites) dinner is Orange Walnut Chicken with Jasmine rice. This version is similar to my slow-cooker version except I make it on the stovetop, which adds a different flavor than in the slow cooker. Making it in the slow cooker is nice when you want to add all your ingredients and walk away. Years ago I did a lot of my cooking with the slow cooker. I took a lot of my stovetop recipes and converted them for the slow cooker. Now I am going back to the stovetop and am converting my slow cooker recipes back to the stovetop! This is one of my favorite “go to” recipes especially since I have enough left overs for a few days.

The chicken has the flavor from simmering the onions and browning the chicken. There are a lot of ways to present this meal. The cover picture is a fun way to serve as everyone has their condiments in small bowls to add to their dish. A larger platter could be used to present the food and condiments allowing people to make their own plate.

Olive Oil
1 Sweet onion, chopped
2 Garlic Cloves, chopped
1 ½ pounds boneless, skinless chicken breast (cut into pieces)
Lawry Seasoned Salt
Black pepper
1 – 2 tbsp Fresh Ginger, grated
1 cup Orange Marmalade, sugar free
1 cup Orange Juice
½ cup Lemon Juice
4 tbsp Honey
2 tsp Soy Sauce (less sodium)

Serve With
Walnuts, chopped and toasted
Mandarin oranges
Hot cooked Jasmine rice
Spicy Orange Sauce, store bought – optional

Add a little olive oil to a braising pan, heat, and add onions and cook until tender. Add garlic cloves and cook briefly. Add chicken, salt, and pepper. I like to cook the chicken for a while allowing it to brown and then add the fresh grated ginger letting it simmer for a few minutes. At this point I do not cover the braising pan because I want the meat to brown and not steam. If you have too much liquid in the pan, you can remove some of it. Plus it can help the chicken brown. If there is not too much liquid I will turn up the heat to cook it off allowing the chicken to brown. Just be careful to not overcook the chicken.

Add orange juice and lemon juice to deglaze the pan.

Add the orange marmalade, honey, and soy sauce.

Cover and let simmer for an hour or two. The longer you simmer the chicken it will absorb more of the flavors and become fork-tender.

Before serving, toast the chopped walnuts. You can add a little bit of butter to the pan to help brown them or you can just roast them without any added fat. But do not add too much butter.

Serve the Orange Walnut Chicken over rice and top with additional spicy orange sauce, mandarin oranges, and chopped walnuts.