Tomato Basil Orzo Soup

Tomato Basil Orzo Soup final picture

What a wonderful Saturday I had spending hours exploring blogs from around the world! There are so many wonderful talented cooks that inspire me to try new ingredients. I can’t wait to draft my versions of a few recipes and test them.

It has been rather frigid lately with temperatures dipping into the negatives (Fahrenheit) when considering the wind chill. Staying warm can be a challenge. I decided to make one of my favorite soups for my lunch. It warms over nicely in the microwave plus it can be frozen allowing large batches to be made. I research a lot of recipes and ingredients, as I like to create my own versions. However, this is one recipe that I have no reason to modify and I give the wonderful chefs at Wegmans all the credits. Because it is their recipe! I hope you visit their website for more wonderful recipes and stop by one of their stores if you have one in your area! I know I love shopping at Wegmans as it is an enjoyable experience.

8 oz. Food You Feel Good About Cleaned & Cut Mirepoix
2 Tbsp Wegmans Basting Oil
1 Tbsp chopped Food You Feel Good About Peeled Garlic
28 oz. Italian Classics Kitchen Cut Roma Tomatoes with Basil
28 oz. Italian Classics Crushed Tomatoes with Italian Herbs
32 oz. Food You Feel Good About Vegetable Culinary Stock
Wegmans Sea Salt
Cracked black pepper
2 Roasted Red Peppers, 1/4-inch dice (located at Wegmans Mediterranean Bar)
1 cup Italian Classics Orzo Soup Pasta
1 cup Ultra-Pasteurized Light Cream
2 Tbsp Chopped Fresh Basil

Add mirepoix and basting oil to large stockpot. Cook, stirring, 6-7 min. Add chopped garlic. Cook 2 min, until vegetables are tender.

Add all tomatoes; simmer about 10 min.

Tomato Basil Orzo Soup Tomatoes simmering

Add stock and return to simmer. Season to taste with salt and Wegmans cracked black pepper because it is a blend.

Add red peppers and pasta. Bring to a soft boil and then simmer 8-10 min, stirring often, until pasta is firm but tender. Remove from heat.

Tomato Basil Orzo Soup add orzo and peppers

Temper cream: Pour cream into medium bowl. Add a few ladles of hot soup to cream to slowly raise cream temperature. Add cream mixture to soup; fold in basil. Ladle into warmed bowls to serve. I like to use my left over light cream to make my Indian Chai.

Tomato Basil Orzo Soup add cream

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20 replies

  1. I will definitely be trying this recipe next weekend ! Brings back memories of our soup club which was a lot of fun and always had such good variety.

  2. I’m jealous that you had a relaxing Saturday to read and be inspired. And, still some time in the kitchen to make this soup.

    I haven’t seen the term “basting oil.”. I’m guessing olive or grape seed oil would be suitable substitutions. I think I have everything I need to make this (except the fresh basil). I’d love this next week for dinner with a fresh baguette from the bakery. Thanks for sharing!

    • It is a fabulous soup! Yes you could substitute the basing oil with grapeseed oil and canola oil. And infuse it with some garlic and herbs like parsley and thyme. Fresh basil works best. A nice fresh baguette would just be wonderful! I hope you enjoy it! Bernice

  3. I bought some orzo pasta for a cold salad but I have been wondering how else to use it. Thanks for this recipe! I wil try this!

  4. This looks delicious, perfect winter food!

    • Thanks. I love having it for my lunch or dinner in the winter. It is wonderful comfort food. I made some fresh bread in my bread maker for this meal. I also keep a few frozen rolls in the freezer for during the week when there is not time to make bread.

  5. Some of the ingredients are seen in my country Nigeria,can i add my own?

    • Yes, most definitely you could substitute or add ingredients to your liking. Let me know if you do and how it comes out. I would be interested in hearing how you modify this soup. Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day. Bernice

  6. Mmmm! So delish-looking. Where do I get wheat-free orzo?

  7. We are having really cold and rainy weather here too.
    Warm and comforting recipes like this one are perfect for this weather
    Thank you for sharing

  8. any idea about the nutritional details for this soup? Fat, calories, etc. just made it. Is absolutely delicious!

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