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Who doesn’t love a homemade Apple Pie – warm out of the oven! We all have our favorite recipes and sometimes a classic recipe does not require changing – hence one of the reasons I never posted one. However for Halloween I made an Apple Pie that was the best I ever made so I …

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This is an easy dessert that you can prepare ahead of time including coring the apples and splashing them with lemon juice to keep them from browning. Just before grilling assemble your apples, wrap in non-stick aluminum foil and grill for about 20-minutes. It is like having an apple pie without the crust. The raisins …

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The testing of recipes to determine the Thanksgiving menu continues. Today recipe is an Apple Mint Chutney to see if it would be a good compliment to the turkey and ham. We enjoy sauces and chutney as part of our meal. This is a wonderful recipe that is flavorful with the addition of fresh mint. …

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This time of year I am always looking for a new recipe or inspiration to use with apples. I got this recipe from here. I did make the caramel sauce but I did not like it – far too sugary and nothing like caramel. But this is a very easy recipe to make and you …

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Stuffing is another staple of a Thanksgiving meal. But many of us do not roast a turkey with the stuffing inside which can make our stuffing a bit bland. This recipe incorporates dried fruits and nuts to give it an interesting flavor! Instead of serving in a casserole, consider baking in a muffin pan for …

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Who does not love pumpkin pie? Well how about having it as a dip with your apples, pears, and gingersnaps? You can quickly assemble this dip and chill it in the refrigerator until Thanksgiving. It uses many of the same ingredients as a pumpkin pie except for the milk, eggs, and crust. If you serve …

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