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We just returned home from a wonderful trip to Newport, Rhode Island. It was our first time at this location, and we were overwhelmed by the splendor of the Gilded Age mansions and all that there is to do in Newport. Definitely an area that we could go back multiple times and still have new adventures to enjoy!

We stayed at the beautiful Victorian B&B Sarah Kendall built in 1871. We enjoyed our stay with Bryan and Fran. The day started with an amazing breakfast. There was always a warm dish plus fresh bagels and muffins from Bryan’s bakery. Plus an assortment of fresh fruit, juices, yogurt and hard boiled eggs. In the afternoon were wonderful chocolate chip cookies, fresh fruit, plus a Keurig with coffee and teas. In the evening, on the porch, was a cooler with pop, water, and beer. They definitely spoiled us and I highly recommend them. Plus the B&B is a few minutes walk from the visitor center and all the action!

We started with a 90-minute Trolley Tour to gain an appreciation of the area and then the RIPTA was our transportation to and from the mansions. At $6 a day per person it was an easy way to enjoy the area – bus 67 became our best friend. The bus drivers were friendly and helpful with finding your location. Walking was our second mode of transportation. Over the few days we were there, we walked about 30-miles! Newport’s visitor center was a daily stop for our bus pass and information. They were friendly and helpful!

There are many ways to get around Newport!

The Gilded Age Mansions are just overwhelming with both their beauty and stories surrounding those who owned them. They are seem more like an art museum with the craftsmanship, architecture, paintings, and pure beauty. Luckily the Preservation Society of Newport County owns 11 of them restoring them to their prior beauty. Unfortunately there was a time in our history when these mansion were considered “white elephants” with no value to society and they were being demolished. How anyone could demolish such beautiful architecture is beyond me.

We enjoyed The Elms, the Breakers, Chateau-sur-Mer, Marble House, and Rosecliff. The wealthy were small business owners since they had large staffs to take care of their homes and grounds. There was so much to see that it was overwhelming and for as much as we viewed – we also missed. The Elms had a secret garden that we walked by but completely missed because we were intrigued by their European Beech trees.

The food was awesome. The first night we went to Jo’s Bistro and enjoyed their weekly special. For $20.95, I enjoyed a glass of wine, a wonderful salad, and Bourbon Glazed, pan-seared Salmon. Everything was excellent including the service! If you are in Newport, be sure to visit them! We did not have reservations; however if it is peak tourist season, you can make reservations.

The The Black Pearl had a wonderful outdoor and indoor dining. We went there for lunch and I had an awesome roasted turkey sandwich with cranberry and herb mayo. Plus a wonderful side of red roasted potato salad. We went there once for dinner and I had a roasted, BBQ chicken. I would recommend their outdoor patio for lunch but not dinner. The menu was far too limited. For dinner, try their indoor restaurant.

The Seafood Shack had a yummy cold and warm lobster roll. It was an outdoor shack where only cash is accepted.

The Red Parrot is a three-floor restaurant with a large menu. I had a Coco Loco Coconut Shrimp Wrap and a Coconut Mahi Mahi with a seafood stuffing that was awesome!! I also heard the Lobster Stuffed New York Strip steak is to dream about once you leave.

Mamma Luisa was recommended but we did not have the time to make reservations. But there is always next time!

The Cliff Walk provided wonderful views of the mansions and ocean. We were fortunate to view the Pierre Cardin collection at the Rosecliff mansion.

As I go through our pictures, I will share them – but honestly they will not do justice to this beautiful, historic area!!

4 thoughts on “Amazing Views of Newport Rhode Island

  1. alesiablogs says:

    Bernice- I loved the post. I want to go there now!!

    1. Bernice says:

      I will be posting more pics – it is a beautiful area with so much to do!!

  2. Although we’ve done some international vacation time, I always tell folks that there is so much to see in our own USA. Many thanx for sharing your travels with us

    1. Bernice says:

      Your welcome! And I agree there is so much beauty in this country. Rhode Island is just beautiful!! We only scratched the surface, which is great since we can return again for more fun!

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