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During our vacation we went to an interesting attraction called Howe Caverns. Lester Howe found this cavern through his cows. He noticed that on a hot summer day that his dairy herd gravitated to a spot that was not in the shade – and it was not on his property. He discovered that this location was cool and below it was a cavern! This was during the 1800’s so keep in mind that his exploration into the cavern did not have our modern technology. So he bravely tied himself with rope secured at ground level to venture into the cavern of unknown – personally I would never do that. Imagine how dark that cavern was that he was exploring by lantern. The below picture was taken during the tour with a professional camera and the correct lighting. The other pictures we took of each other came out dark!
Our picture at Howe Caverns

Howe ended up purchasing this piece of land and with early explorers they would spend the day touring the cavern. Today it is so much easier since it is lighted and walk ways have been created – whereas they did not have any of these luxuries! And an elevator that takes you 156 feet below the earth’s surface! In Howe’s day they had to climb over boulders and make some steep climbs! The below picture is of the early explorers and is courtesy of Howe Caverns. It was the cover of the picture we purchased during the tour.
early explorers

The below beautiful house was built on top of those incredible caverns!

Howe Caverns Main Building for Caverns

There is a lot to do in addition to visiting the cavern and it is a great destination for all ages. We went off-season and got a wonderful package with tickets to the cavern, a motel room, and a certificate for a fabulous dinner at The Taste of Europe. I will write about this awesome place in a separate posting. Also we got a pound of free fudge as part of our package. Overall it was a really good deal! You are in the country surrounded by a lot of farms – and the views from the motel are beautiful!

Howe Caverns view from Motel 2

Howe Caverns view from Motel 3

Howe Caverns view from Motel

There was a cool motorcycle designed and built by Orange County Choppers.
Howe Caverns Orange County Choppers

Howe Caverns Orange County Choppers 2

Howe Caverns Orange County Choppers 3

Howe Caverns Orange County Choppers 4

The guided tour is 1 1/4 miles with 137 steps and no restrooms. It is 52 degrees F so you will need a jacket. At the entrance is a short video providing information about how the cavern was found and the adventure you are about to go on!

Howe Caverns Entrance

Howe Caverns Entrance 2

Below are a few pictures from our tour including a short boat ride you take through the caverns – it is really a fun experience!!
Howe Caverns 1

Howe Caverns 2

Howe Caverns 3

Howe Caverns 4

Howe Caverns 5

Howe Caverns 6

Howe Caverns 7

Howe Caverns 8

6 thoughts on “Our Visit to Howe Caverns!

  1. I adore caverns…what a great time you had.

    1. Bernice says:

      It was so fun and such a different and interesting experience.

  2. It looks like such a fun visit, the pound of free fudge would be a pretty compelling inducement for me.

    1. Bernice says:

      The fudge was excellent as they made it there and you got to pick from a wide variety of flavors!

  3. hello bernice its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow howe caverns!!! mama and dada hav ben their!!! in fakt roomer has it dada tuk mama their wun time wen she visitted him in the mithikal land of upstayt noo york before they got marreed and they stood on sum kind of undergrownd lite up hart thing wot meens if yoo stand on it yoo wil git marreed so i gess it wurks!!! ok bye

    1. Bernice says:

      Thanks for stopping by Dennis the vizsla dog!

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