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Recently I joined Beachbody as a Coach since I appreciate their holistic approach to living. This past weekend I attended the local Buffalo Super Saturday that is held on a quarterly basis. Almost 300 coaches and guests in the Buffalo New York area got together to hear inspirational stories on how people are transforming their lives through Beachbody programs and support networks. It was a great opportunity to meet local coaches that you might see on Facebook and build relationships with them. Plus it is nice to meet other people in person who are interested in transforming their life and helping others.

super saturday

We learned more about new products that have just been released that includes Boost (I am already trying this new line), a new performance line for supporting workouts, and Shaun T’s new CIZE dance workout (my deluxe package has already arrived!). And I almost forgot to mention the raffles for great products like Autumn’s new cookbook FIXATE!


One of the first things I noticed about Beachbody coaches is they are normal, everyday people trying to improve their lifestyle. A few are in excellent shape and look like personal trainers – but that was not the norm. People are attracted to Beachbody because their holistic approach works and most of us has experienced failed programs or promises that it is refreshing when something actually works!!

At the end of the event, we did a CIZE workout together! Shaun T is an excellent trainer and motivator. He teaches you each dance, step by step and slowly brings it all together. Then at the end you CIZE IT UP which means you are dancing at a much faster pace – or what you can do! For these dance routines if you find it hard to learn the arms and footwork together start with the foot steps – then add the arms. Plus on the workout CD, Shaun T has a reverse angle demo to help you! But do what you can and keep moving! Below is a video from our Buffalo Super Saturday. There is a glimpse of me in the far back, to the right, in the yellow Shakeology shirt! I am not going as fast as the girls in front who are much younger than me! Don’t you feel like working out after watching the video – a lot of great energy!

Click here for Buffalo Super Saturday CIZE workout!

Body Beast Hat
Below are a few takeaways from the event. I hope a few of them speak to you and what changes would you like to make in your lifestyle? For me it is to lose some weight, lose inches, put on more muscle and have the endurance to do INSANITY (that is next year’s goal!)

  1. Be an advocate for yourself! Put yourself first!
  2. Personal development is important. Beachbody is a holistic approach that includes healing your personal life if it is needed.
  3. Beachbody is a lifestyle change. Not a diet or a fad. You are making healthy changes day by day and changing your life for the better!
  4. I love this one – You have nothing to lose – but weight! You have to want to change more than stay the same. It is up to you.
  5. Beachbody challenges us to help people meet their goals and live healthier lives!
  6. For the next 12-months you need to be ambitious! Everyone matters. Workouts and nutrition need to have intensity!
  7. Be a Beachbody coach – there is no catch. You do not need to sell – you can be a Discount coach for the 25% reduction on products.
  8. Sharing your story is important – you never know whose life you might change!
  9. You may not need to lose a lot of weight but need to transform your body. The 21-day challenge can help you put on muscle and fine tune your eating habits.
  10. Know the ingredients in your shake. Are the ingredients healthy- is there a lot of added sugars or chemicals? Or do you purchase it because of taste or cost?

I do have a Facebook page called “The Fitness Edge” and you can follow it by clicking this link. The Fitness Edge will share information about Beachbody but also general healthy tips, motivational tips, and some of our daily adventures! I post 2 – 3 times a day.

This fall, maybe late September I will be starting a CIZE challenge group if anyone is interested. You do not need to live in WNY – but you do need to purchase the CIZE challenge pack – more information in another posting. But as a teaser… we will have a closed Facebook group where on a daily basis you can share how you are progressing and if you are struggling we are all in this together to help each other! The support network is important so you are not on your own trying to meet your goals. That is when we get frustrated and give up!

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