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I found this recipe while reading through Beachbody’s website and since I love basil it was a great shake to try with my sample pack of different Shakeology flavors. (The six-pack included: chocolate, vanilla, greenberry, strawberry, tropical strawberry, and vegan chocolate.) This is a lighter shake since there is not any fruit. It has a refreshing taste with the lime juice and ice. The basil came out of our container gardens! If you do not like basil then try mint and watermelon for the basil and lime juice. I have not tried this version but it sounds good.

6 pack variety shakeology

On Monday I start the 21-Day Fix also known as the 21-Day Challenge! If you have not heard about the program, it is a holistic approach to making healthier changes to your lifestyle. Every day you have a different 30-minute workout designed to provide an overall workout from cardio to upper and lower body. The food plan is excellent! Instead of counting calories you have different containers for: protein, carbs, fruit, vegetables, healthy fats, seeds and dressings. Based upon your weight goal determines how many containers you enjoy each day. Where this becomes different than counting calories is you are trying to make sure you include the right ratio of food from the different food groups. When I am counting calories I might stay within my allotted calories but I might be eating too many carbs, which impacts my ability to lose weight and gain muscle!

Beachbody 21 day fix package

The above picture shows what is included with the 21-Day Fix package and since I signed up as a coach I also received the Welcome package. Plus I got a sneak preview of Shaun T’s upcoming CIZE dance fitness program and it is a lot of fun! I will keep you updated on my progress! Let me know if you completed the 21-Day Challenge!

Greenberry shakeology ingredients
Greenberry shakeology in ninja

4 Large Basil Leaves
1 Cup Spring Water
1 tbsp. Lime Juice
1 cup ice
1 Scoop Greenberry Shakeology®

Add all ingredients to a blender that can chop frozen fruit. Pour in your Shakeology Shaker Cup that you can take on the run to enjoy a healthy breakfast or replacement meal!


1 Red

Note: Container measurements are approximate and may change based upon how you prepare this recipe.

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