Easy to Make No Bake Slushy Strawberry Cheesecake

I made this wonderful dessert for Greg’s birthday. It reminds me of the desserts my mother made in our younger days with Graham Crackers, bananas, and whipped cream. Today there are different flavors of Graham Crackers so this recipe included both the original and chocolate versions. Mine came out more on the slushy and light side – but delicious! Another option is to add cream cheese blended with some milk – I would imagine this would firm it up a bit. It is a yummy easy to make dessert and with a large pan you can have plenty of left overs!!

Slushy Strawberry Cheese Cake Birthday Plates 2

Over the next couple of weeks I will share the other new recipes that I made for Greg’s birthday that included appetizers and the main meal! We started with a delicious lemony goat cheese with chives turnovers hot out of the oven, a curry chicken salad severed over crackers or crusty bread, and for the main course Linguini Primavera With Fresh Baby Vegetables and a fantastic Roasted Lemon Rosemary Balsamic Chicken
with a Pan Sauce
! It was shut the kitchen door good! It is always fun to try out new recipes on special occasions. The last few weeks have been rather hectic at work and then last weekend I was at the annual Just Joy Women’s conference that I attend each year. The weather is finally getting nicer in Buffalo with the spring flowers in bloom and some warmer weather to take an evening walk – with a light jacket of course!

Slushy Strawberry Cheese Cake

Slushy Strawberry Cheese Cake Closeup

Slushy Strawberry Cheese Cake in the pan after serving

Slushy Strawberry Cheese Cake Birthday Plates

2 pounds Strawberries
Graham Crackers (chocolate and original)
2 3.4 ounces Instant Cheesecake Flavored Pudding
3 cups Milk, skim
3 cups Whipped Cream, light, thawed

Crushed Chocolate and Original Graham Crackers
Additional sliced strawberries for topping
Fresh Mint

1 8-ounce package of Cream Cheese, Light
Milk, skim

Wash, dry and slice the strawberries. Line your serving dish with graham crackers. Add a layer of strawberries. Mix together the instant cheesecake flavored pudding with the milk for 2-minutes or as directed on the package. If desired blend together cream cheese with some milk and add to the pudding mixture. Fold in the whipped cream.

Layer half of the cheesecake mixture in the serving dish. Add another layer of graham crackers and strawberries. Add the remaining cheesecake mixture. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Before serving add crushed chocolate and original graham crackers and strawberries. Serve with fresh mint.


    1. It is wonderful and I lightened up the ingredients a bit and of course adding the strawberries makes it guilt free – right? πŸ™‚

    1. It was delicious! I had planned on making it with low-fat cream cheese but I forgot to buy it when I went shopping!! Let me know how it comes out!

      1. It looks good without the cheese but I like a nice cream chunk of pie. I think because I had so many of those no bake cream cheese pies and ice box cakes and pies as a kid. So this looks squarely in my comfort zone. I’ll probably do this for Mother’s day so will let you know.

      2. I hope you enjoy it!! I couldn’t believe I forgot to get the cream cheese – luckily in this situation dropping an ingredient was okay. πŸ™‚

      3. Yes indeed. I’m doing chicken breasts on the grill tonight marinated in Chiavetta’s. that stuff is so good I buy it by the gallon from Amazon. thanks for turning me on to it.

      4. I am so happy to hear you like Chiavetta’s marinade! This week has been unusually hot – into the 80’s. It is never this hot in May. We go from unseasonably low temperatures to unseasonably high temps! So I guess it is the time for us to get out the grill and try out some new recipes.

      5. I marinated bonless skinless scallopined chicked breasts in zesty iltalian dressing for several hours along with thick slices of Vidalia onion, then grilled. I took the breasts and took the chicken off the grill, sprinkled with a bit of fresh grated parmesan, then added the grilled onion slices on top along with some shredded lettuce, chopped tomato and a drizzle of the Italian dressing for a sorta salad unwrap. it was sooooo good.

      6. That sounds fantastic!! We do grill sweet onions but can’t remember if I ever marinaded them – I will need to try that! I like the idea of a salad unwrap. πŸ™‚

      7. I thought you would! I often do whole onions a la Julia Child. Simple and wonderful. Whole onion, butter, Worcestershire and wrapped in foil and put on the grill to cook or in the oven.

      8. Sounds wonderful! And now that Memorial Day is coming up it is time to freshen up some of the favorite grilling recipes with new ingredients!

      9. Yes it is. I’ve been grilling (cooking out as we say down here) since end of March. And now there are wonderful fresh vegetables to add to the mix: summer squash, sweet onions, corn…..I’m doing my miso grilled corn this weekend for company.

      10. The miso grilled corn sounds wonderful! We will start grilling this weekend. I love all the fresh vegetables and fruit during this time of the year. Nothing like fresh out of the garden! I also need to get my herb plants to ensure I have plenty for cooking this summer.

      11. I’m happy that most of my established herbs made it through the winter. My annual ones are planted and ready to grow! I’m reblogging several of my summer recipes, including the corn.

  1. Skim milk, light cream cheese, light whipped cream, and strawberries says to me, a lighter and healthier way to enjoy a dessert. Thank you for sharing.

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