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This is a term my husband coined “A Driveway Going Nowhere”. He has spent numerous hours clearing the driveway and then it ends at our cul de ‘sac that is filled with 4 – 5 feet of snow. We are going nowhere quick!! We woke up Tuesday morning snow bound and so far that has not changed!! We just went through Phase 2 of this storm! The towns cannot keep up with the snow fall with many of the plows being undersized to handle the deep, heavy snow. Some of the plows are actually stuck in snow banks / drifts or are broken. Many people like us have not seen a town plow nor the national guard. There was a lot of discussion today on whether the Buffalo Bills would play their home football game this Sunday. Our football stadium is outdoors with more than 4 feet of snow! They asked if emergency personnel could be at the stadium on Sunday and of course the request was denied. We still have people stranded in their homes, streets not plowed, and ten people have died in this storm. After much time the NFL decided to postpone it and move the game to another city.

Many business roof have collapsed and a senior citizen home was evacuated because of a fear the roof would collapsed. People are walking to the store in bitter cold temperatures and through deep snow. Many of us are working remotely from home trying to be business as normal for our customers who are not impacted by the storm. Today I am sharing more pictures from outside and late tonight a front loader plow came into our neighbor. But it was not from the town or the national guard. A neighbor who had hired the plow driver to clear her business drive way asked him to come to our neighborhood – on her dime. She is very generous because he was in our cul de ‘sac for about 90-minutes and she paid him to clear the other cul de ‘sacs. We have no idea on when we might see anyone from the town or state. Someone needs to truck out this snow because the temperatures are going to get warmer and we will have major flooding. They are already putting in place teams for the pending floods!! Some of my pictures are a taken at night so please excuse the quality. The video is taken at night of the front loader plowing our cul de ‘sac. If you never seen this type of snow removal, you might find it interesting. Tomorrow I will take some photos of the huge snow pile in our cul de ‘sac!

We are hopeful to be dug out properly and the driving ban lifted by Sunday so we can go to Denny’s for breakfast! Yes, that is our goal – to be able to get out of the house by Sunday! The downstream problems include grocery stores not getting any deliveries to restock their shelves, no mail, no packages, and hopefully none of our bills will be late.

November 20 Winter Storm 21

Below is a picture of our back garden in the summer. One of my favorite pictures with my Doctor Who mug! Now take a look at it!
Our Gardens
November 20 Winter Storm 3

Both sides of our patio have a different type of juniper than our back garden. They are 6 – 7 feet and fairly mature. Take a look at the ones that are on the left side of the patio and the poor ones on the right hand side. It is crushed under the weight of the snow. Hopefully they will bounce back – they usually do. But this is an extreme storm!
November 20 Winter Storm 1
November 20 Winter Storm 2

Below is a picture of our garden shed and the big white blob are our junipers – same as the above picture. Look at how high the snow is in front of our garden shed. No way we can get into it! The picture below show you how high the snow is.
November 20 Winter Storm 4
November 20 Winter Storm 5

The below pictures are not the best. They are taken at night and through a window but hopefully you will get an idea of the size of the front loader and the massive amount of snow. Take a look at the left hand side and you will see several adults – compare them to the size of the snow piles!

November 20 Winter Storm 6

November 20 Winter Storm 7

November 20 Winter Storm 9

November 20 Winter Storm 10

November 20 Winter Storm 12

22 thoughts on “Day 3 of living under a state of emergency in Buffalo New York with A drive way going no where!

  1. Bernice I was just thinking about you, I am so glad you posted/ I sure hope you and your husband are getting thru and have power and food! I am thinking about you!

    1. Bernice says:

      Thank you Michael. We are fine. Greg is a bit sore from all the snow blowing – the snow is very heavy. So he is resting. But power is strong, we have a ton of food in the house. I posted another update today and I hope you they clearing the roads. We still have a driving ban. The primary roads are partially cleared for emergency vehicles, then they work on the secondary roads and finally the residential streets! I am hopeful to get out of the house on Sunday!!

  2. Hope all continues to go well for you and Greg. Stay safe and warm.

    1. Bernice says:

      Thank you. The snow has finally stopped and yesterday we were able to get out and walk around the neighborhood. The driving ban has finally lifted!!

  3. Holy cow! Those picture are otherworldly. Hope things improve soon. Stay safe.

    1. Bernice says:

      Aren’t they? We should only see this in the movies! We got out a bit yesterday to walk around the neighborhood. I will post those today.

      1. Thinking if you as the temperature rises and it starts to melt. Take care.

      2. Bernice says:

        Thank you! It started to rain today so we lost some of the snow… We are hoping it slowly melts over the next few days.

      3. Bernice says:

        So far it is! We will see what Monday brings. 🙂

  4. NutriFitMama says:

    Stay safe! Very scary situation and I hope things will ease up there soon! Those pictures are just so unbelievable- I cannot even imagine!

    1. Bernice says:

      We are at 78 inches of snow! So far the snow has stopped and now it is going to get warmer and start melting the snow. Of course then we are concerned about flooding!! I often wonder why I do not live in the South. 🙂

      1. NutriFitMama says:

        Yikes- I can’t even imagine (I do live in the south- but am from CA so am a TOTAL baby when it comes to weather..I won’t lie lol)!

      2. Bernice says:

        To some degree we are use to it since we grew up in this area. But I must admit the storms are tiring and I wouldn’t mind a little nicer weather. 🙂

  5. onemunchingmomma says:

    Wow! What a wall of snow!

    1. Bernice says:

      It is pretty incredible and now we are ready for it to leave. And it is raining so it should melt – hopefully.:)

  6. I grew up in Minnesota and I have never seen anything like this…it is truly amazing.

    1. Bernice says:

      We were expecting some snow – but honestly not this much. The storm did not switch like it was suppose to and basically settled over our area with 2 – 3 inches an hour. It also came in several hours early trapping people in their vehicles.

  7. donna213 says:

    Hi, I am from Niagara Falls and just ran across your blog. I too run two blogs, one on gardening and travel and the other on nature and wildlife. I also enjoy cooking. I could not find out what town you are in, but I assume it is the Southtowns. Hope you do not get that flooding. The snow was bad enough in your area. I too reported on snow on GWGT, but could not get to your area due to driving bans.

    1. Bernice says:

      Donna! I am happy that you found me as it is nice to connect with a local blogger. We live in West Seneca and was basically in the eye of the storm! Our official total is 78 inches. I posted more pictures today and on Sunday will be posting videos of West Seneca that we took today when we went to Southgate Plaza.

      1. donna213 says:

        I too have images on Garden Walk Garden Talk, but they are of the icy Falls. They are always a big hit with my readers.

      2. Bernice says:

        I will have to look those up. 🙂

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