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Today’s posting from our day-trip to Sonnenberg Gardens & Historic Mansion includes historic carriages, aviary, and a rock garden. Mary had a fondness for birds building an aviary that had an outdoor section for them to fly within. I took a few pictures of the photos posted of her birds. There are lot more pictures and information posted at Sonnenberg – you will need to visit to take it all in! She loved peacocks and had more than 200 birds that most were not typical to this area! Mary traveled around the world and liked to bring back the birds, plants, architecture, and other inspiration from her travels.


The historic carriages are fabulous – take a look at the pony carriage. Could you imagine traveling in it? The carriage wheels are thin and would not take any of the shock. When watching Victorian movies you see people getting rattled about during their carriage travels. They must have been use to it – not knowing anything else. I love looking at carriages but living in Upstate NY our winters are harsh – I would not want to travel in one of these! They must have been a lot tougher than we are with our modern conveniences!

Rock Garden view

Last are a few pictures of the rock gardens, which are nice to be in on a hot day! One picture shows the garden set up for a wedding. A lot of couples get married and have their reception at Sonnenberg and they have a lot of other programs that you can find more about at their website. I hope you enjoy today’s travel through a few more areas of Sonnenberg Gardens – up next is the historic mansion!!

Aviary 3

Aviary 4

Aviary 2

Aviary 1

Aviary 5

Sonnenberg Gardens 9

Sonnenberg Gardens 8

Sonnenberg Gardens 5

Sonnenberg Gardens 6

Sonnenberg Gardens4

Sonnenberg Gardens3

Sonnenberg Gardens2

Sonnenberg Gardens1

Rock Garden 5

Rock Garden 4

Rock Garden 3

Rock Garden 2

Rock Garden 1

Carriage House

3 thoughts on “Sonnenberg Gardens & Historic Mansion: Historic Carriages, Aviary, and a Rock Garden

  1. Sheryl says:

    I’m amazed that she had an aviary. I’ve never heard of any other historic homes that had one.

    1. Bernice says:

      Mary headed up a lot of projects. She traveled and brought the world back with her. I can only imagine a couple hundred of birds! I never heard of one either in a private home. She loved peacocks and they could roam freely – at least that is the story!

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