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Wood-grilled food is just excellent and so easy to make at home without investing in a lot of expensive equipment, time to soak wood chips, or even start the charcoal grill. It is possible to wood-grill your food on your gas grill. We have a gas grill and a charcoal grill but we do not always want to mess around with charcoal and often do not have the time it requires.

Previously we used the wood chips that you had to soak for an hour so you always needed to plan ahead for your meal. Plus it was not practical for the work week when time is limited after coming home. We started to use a Savory Herb mix from BBQr’s Delight since you do not need to soak the pellets. The pellets we selected have a blend of oak wood, oregano, rosemary, and thyme. With this brand you make a foil pack and add your pellets to smoke the dinner! The foil pack can be used with both a gas and charcoal grills by placing the pack right on the cooking grate or within the heating area of the grill. The smoke will last for about 30-minutes and takes about 10-minutes to start smoking at 400 degrees. It doesn’t get much easier than that and you can use your gas grill and not have to drag out your charcoal grill.

The pellets are interesting since it is compressed oak wood with the herbs added! Once you place it in your foil pack you punch a hole in one side. You can learn more about the different pellets wood flavor and order them through visiting BBQr website and you can perform a search on Amazon.

First you need to make a pellet foil pack and it is very easy. There are instructions on the package and below are pictures of the easy and quick steps. Once you have your foil pack ready, it is time to grill! Place the foil pack on top of the gas grill or within the grill and heat to 400 – 425 degrees. Before adding your meat make sure the grill is smoking – it might take about 10-minutes but be patient. It is important that it is smoking before you start grilling since you do not want to lose any of this wonderful flavor!!

Pictures taken with Canon EOS Rebel

The Grill is smokin

Smoke Prep 14

Smoke Prep 13

Smoke Prep 12

Smoke Prep 11

Smoke Prep 10

Smoke Prep 9

Smoke Prep 8

Smoke Prep 7

Smoke Prep 6

Smoke Prep 5

Smoke Prep 4

Smoke Prep 3

Smoke Prep 2

5 thoughts on “Wood-Grilled Dinner on a Gas Grill

  1. I’ve already got a wood smoker. But I’ll pass this on to my brother in NJ. He has a gas grill. Thanx for the info, Bernice.

    1. Bernice says:

      Your welcome! We have a smoker too but rarely use it!

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