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In my last posting I discussed how we went to the Art on the Riverwalk and took a nice, though a bit windy, walk along the river. Afterwards we went to Buffalo Waterfront that has been going through a lot of development over the last few years that includes a better road structure and more things to do! There are two sides to the waterfront. The new section has developed around the Naval park and is festive with live music; tours of the naval ships and submarine; plus tickets for the Buffalo Harbor dinner cruise, Queen of City Ferry, among many other activities. There is a small restaurant, activities and games for the children, and really is a party atmosphere. You can take a tour of the U.S.S. The Sullivans – remember them? Five brothers that all died during WW II during the same military event. Some claim the ship is haunted by them and others. Apparently lights turned on when there was not any power to the boat; tool boxes disappear; and the story goes on that the ship is patrolled in pairs because of these oddities. I have heard conflicting stories that after this tragedy the military did not allow siblings to serve together in combat – but I also heard this was not true. Unfortunately I cannot find a source that I feel is legitimate on this topic. (As a Tester I am always looking for the evidence that an event is true.) It is a really nice naval park especially if you enjoy history. It was difficult to get a good picture of the ships with so many people walking about! Click here for more information. There are opportunities to spend a night on the U.S.S. Little Rock that has a capacity of 250 people. I am not sure I would want to sleep in those tight quarters – though it would be worst on the submarine! Click here for more information. I bet a lot of people would like to stay on the U.S.S. The Sullivans to see if it is really haunted!

Erie Naval Park 1

You will notice a picture of a Pepsi machine – this is actually a warning. Greg once got a can of pop and with that can came a big spider! Yikes!! I think we just walked away from it and every time we see that machine shudder with the thoughts of spiders crawling through it! That is enough for me to never use a vending machine that is suspect!

Image courtesy of wikipedia

The other side of the Waterfront has beautiful flowers cared by volunteers and is more serene as people are sitting and reading a book, enjoying the water, or walking along the beach. You will see in the pictures that this is not a nice beach – a lot of logs and other garbage is washed up onto the beach. So enter at your own risk – preferably wearing shoes! It is a marina so a lot of people dock their boats and sailboats. Some boats are large and small are really small. You might see a person or two fishing or just relaxing on their docked boat. I have included a picture of the old lighthouse that is still available to tour and the newer “lighthouse” that you can walk to the top for a nice view. I hope you enjoy the pictures and a bit of history that I shared and please check out the links for more information.

Erie Naval Park 24

Erie Naval Park 23

Erie Naval Park 22

Erie Naval Park 21

Erie Naval Park 20

Erie Naval Park 19

Erie Naval Park 18

Erie Naval Park 17

Erie Naval Park 16

Erie Naval Park 15

Erie Naval Park 14

Erie Naval Park 13

Erie Naval Park 12

Erie Naval Park 11

Erie Naval Park 10

Erie Naval Park 9

Erie Naval Park 8

Erie Naval Park 7

Erie Naval Park 6

Erie Naval Park 5

Erie Naval Park 4

Erie Naval Park 3

Erie Naval Park 2

10 thoughts on “A Visit to Buffalo’s Waterfront and Erie Basin Marina

  1. You did a great job of showing Buffalo’s Spirit here.

    1. Bernice says:

      Thank you! It is great to see the Waterfront evolving over the years and the people enjoying the water, music, and other activities. We really need those big thinkers who can make big changes. We are surrounded by such beautiful water that has been underutilized for years!

  2. kanzensakura says:

    What an interesting and lovely waterfront. I was very interested in see the ship, The Sullivans. excellent tribute to the brothers.

    1. Bernice says:

      The Sullivans are such a sad story! Six months after they were killed there sister also died. When we get a chance we want to take a tour of the ships and if it is allowed I will take more pictures.

      1. kanzensakura says:

        It was a very tragic story. But it brought about the Sullivan law. My father and his 4 brothers fought in WWII but in different areas. One did go down on the Arizona.


      2. Bernice says:

        Yes a lot of tragic stories with the different wars.

  3. cool pictures Bernice!

    1. Bernice says:

      Thanks a lot Michael! Glad you enjoyed them. 🙂

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