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During a day hike at Stiglmeier Park we came across this deer crossing the creek. The deer are all over the park but they are difficult to spot since they tend to hide and blend in with the woods. So it was nice to see this deer in the day time! At one point he shook himself when he was getting out of the creek and then looked up towards us. We were far away so most likely he was not looking at us but with zooming in on him it appeared he was looking right at me. The last picture shows where we think the deer is walking up the hill and you can see how the ground is worn down. I took these pictures with my Canon EOS Rebel T5i (EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM). Have a great weekend everyone!

Deer 1
Deer 2
Deer 3
Deer 4
Deer 5
Deer 6
Deer 7
Deer 8
Deer 8_5
Deer 9
Deer 10
Deer 11
Deer 12
Deer 13
Deer 14
Deer 15

15 thoughts on “A swimming Deer at Stiglmeier Park with my Canon EOS Rebel T5i (EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM)

  1. That’s pretty cool! πŸ™‚

    1. Bernice says:

      It was a great catch. At first I thought I saw a big dog in the distance and when I zoomed in with my camera realized it was a deer and he was going for a swim to the other side!

  2. It’s what I call– a Miracle Day. Thanx for sharing.

    1. Bernice says:

      It was amazing! I just kept taking pictures as fast as I could since he was moving pretty quick. I was happy to get him from both sides of the creek.

  3. dawnspitfire says:

    AWESOME! And I’ve been really trying to decide on which new canon to get.

    1. Bernice says:

      l really love this camera and lens. It definitely lets me get closer to the subject with the zoom and isn’t too heavier. The lens that allows you to zoom closer are very expensive and from what I hear heavy! This camera also has a touch screen which is nice.

      1. dawnspitfire says:

        Im use to heavy , ive had canons & nikons from back in the day, lol, darkrooms & film…remember what that is? Haha…but i haven’t kept up in recent years, so I really appreciate the info! THANKSβ™₯ Very helpful to me.

      2. Bernice says:

        Yep remember film and having it developed. So nice today to be able to take as many pictures as you want just in case one came out out of focused. I remember pictures coming out “yellowish” or having other problems with the film or developing. I feel so spoiled today compared to back then!

      3. Bernice says:

        πŸ™‚ Fond memories! ha ha

  4. willowdot21 says:

    A beautiful fairy tale scene!

    1. Bernice says:

      Thanks! It felt rather magical to see this!

    1. Bernice says:

      Thank you! πŸ™‚

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