Bite-Size Bread Pudding with Strawberry Topping

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To continue sharing the recipes from our Mother’s Day dinner that started with Braised Balsamic Chicken with Shallots and Creamed Peas with Caramelized Pearl Onions, we now have a dessert to share. To make it more fun, I made a series of bite-size desserts so everyone could try different bites and of course have more than one if desired. Today I am sharing a recipe I adapted from Petite Sweets: Bite-Size Desserts to Satisfy Every Sweet Tooth. There are lots of way to serve it. By using small baking cups you could serve it on a small plate and top it with cinnamon sugar or other garnish. I liked to scoop some of it and place it in smaller server glasses with tiny spoons – a good way to keep down the calories as long as you don’t eat too many of them! It can be fun to experiment with different types of toppings. To make it easy, I used a strawberry pie filling and it was delicious! Consider using fresh fruit, nuts, dried fruit – the options really are endless. When serving consider a bit of whipped cream! Have you made any bit-size desserts or appetizers?

Bite Size Bread Pudding

Bite Size Bread Pudding 3

Step 1:
1 ½ cups half-and-half, light
½ cup light brown sugar
2 tbsp butter

Step 2:
3 large eggs
1 tbsp vanilla – I make my own

Step 3:
3 cups, cubed white bread, no crusts

Fruit topping of your choice, I used a strawberry pie filling.

Preheat oven to 350F.

Combine ingredients from Step 1 in a sauce pan. Bring the mixture to a boil and then simmer until the brown sugar is dissolved. In other bowl whisk the eggs and vanilla together. Slowly add and mix the hot mixture to the egg mixture. Then add in your cubed bread.

Spray baking cups with non-stick spray and add your choice of topping. You could add fresh berries, canned pie mixture, nuts, dried fruit – anything that you like. Then add the bread pudding mixture. At this point place the baking cups in a large baking dish. Add about ½ inch of hot water to the baking pan and place in the oven. Be careful because the water might make it a bit heavy and awkward to move. You do not want to spill hot water on yourself. It can be helpful if you have elbow length pot holders.

Bake for about 15 – 25 minutes until the bread pudding is set. When ready to serve, loosen the bread pudding by separating the edges with a butter knife. I like to spoon into bit-size serving bowls or you could put it on a nice small plate for a larger serving. You could always add whipped cream or other topping when you are ready to serve. I thought this was delicious without any additional toppings!

Bread Pudding 2


    1. Thank you… and yes 3 is about the right size! It was fun serving different bite-size desserts so everyone could try a variety. The bread pudding was delicious! Plus you could use any topping.

  1. Very tasty cool looking desserts! I love your presentation too!
    The recipe itself id easy to do & looks fantastic even, Bernice! Waw!!!

    1. Thanks Sophie! I got great inspiration from Petite Sweets and then adapted it to our own taste. Plus the canned strawberry filling was delicious and made the recipe so much easier to make! Typically I prefer fresh but in this case it worked well. I hope you enjoy your version of the recipe. 🙂

  2. EThis brings to mind that retreat you went on. After reading that post, i made a mini dessert to take to a friends birthday dessert bash. I had a small heart cookie cutter which I used to cut out slicex of purchased pound cake. I topped with a dollop of purchased lime curd and a strawberry slice. Pretty, easy, and people like the could pick up and have a bite or two. I am going to give this bread pudding a go at our next church dinner, using small clear plastc glasses so I also don’t have to worry about bringing home or clean up.

    1. Your mini dessert sounds fabulous! I like the blend of home-made and bought ingredients to make it easier! I agree when making for a large group like a church dinner you really do not want to wash all those little containers!! The ones I purchased are dishwasher safe so that definitely helps. But it would be expensive if you used the glass containers and people threw them away! So less to worry about if they are disposable. Best wishes when you make the bread pudding for your church dinner.

      1. I am looking forward to lots of compliments. I’ve never used the canned strawberry topping before so this will be a first for me. I just use the “highball” size plastic glasses for things like individual tiramisu or trifle. I go to a big box store and buy a bunch to last for awhile. I’ve learned when I do the tiramisu, to fix about 50 or people get miffed. Date: Sat, 24 May 2014 16:36:52 +0000 To:

      2. What a wonderful tip! I never thought to use those plastic highball glasses. That is perfect and I will keep that in mind whenever I want to bring mini-desserts to an outing!! Do you assemble them ahead of time in their plastic “highball” glasses? I am wondering how easy it is to transport them without them tipping over and making a mess.

      3. I usually pick a dessert that isn’t into spillage, like tiramisu, trife, banana pudding (cold), mousse…I assemble ahead of time, usually the night before. “Leaky” topping additions or garnishes are added the next morning. I use, over and over, circles I have cut from heavy duty foil to seal them and stack 2 high in the fridge. Then I put in a paper box (printer paper box) and haul to church and put in their cooler and let them know. Whoever is setting up will, when putting out, remove the foil seals and put back into the box and set aside for me. As a bribe, I make several desserts that have more in them – keeps them happy to help. I make something called magic mousse that is really good and foolishly easy, in addition to the other desserts. One version is made with jello and cool whip, the other is made with instant pudding and topped with cool whip both recipes are found on the Kraft/and or Jello website. I especially like the chocolate and cheesecake mousse, either with just cool whip garnish or the two mixed half and half. maraschino cherries, nuts, strawberry slices, mini chocolate chips, the mousse layered with crushed pecan sandies or oreos….easy and 50 zillion combinations. the mousse made with jello, whatever flavor, magically separates into jello, mousse, and topping layers – easy to cut down on sugary desserts with lots of fat too. the crushed cookies can also be like a bottom crust for the mousse. Date: Sat, 24 May 2014 19:48:29 +0000 To:

      4. Thanks so much for the detailed information as it is very helpful on how to store and transfer mini desserts. I love all your variations – they sound wonderful. The mini-desserts are fun to make and experiment. I love the crunchiness of nuts, pecans, oreos (one of my favorites) and the smooth texture of cool whip. Now I can’t wait to make some more mini-desserts!!

      5. I frequently make crusts from finely crushed oreos 🙂 frequently, the crème in the cookies will act as the ‘butter” added to most crusts. pecan sandies make wonderful crusts with butter and more buttered pecans added or to layer for a different trifle. I frequently am called upon to provide (paid for it) small desserts, chicken salad, etc. for socials, receptions, showers. I make small pate au choix and fill with chicken salad or mousee. As you found out, people just love and enjoy small good things that are easily eaten out of hand, things that are usually plated. I hope you have fun trying some of these and experimenting.

      6. That all sounds so wonderful!! Thanks for all the tips. I will need to print these so I can reference them in the future. I love Oreos and can see when crushed how they would make a good crust. So many great opportunities to experiment!! Thanks again!

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