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Braised Balsamic Chicken

I am starting a new series of recipes that I made for Mother’s Day dinner! We are starting with a Braised Balsamic Chicken with Shallots – an easy to make recipe that takes your dinner into the gourmet realm! Be sure to use a good balsamic vinegar since this is your dominant flavor. By adding either diced or crushed tomatoes help create the rich looking sauce. The crushed tomatoes will thicken the sauce whereas the diced tomatoes made for a thinner sauce in texture. This chicken takes about an hour or less to cook depending upon thickness. Keeping with the kicked up theme – add my Twice-Baked Potato Casserole that you can make ahead, reheat, and serve with a few sprigs of fresh chives. This is a great recipe for special occasions — but don’t feel you need to wait to make this meal. Any time you want an easy to make dinner with a ton of fabulous flavor – give this recipe a chance. As part of this series I have a new vegetable dish that you can make portions of it ahead of time and several fun bite-size desserts. I hope everyone enjoyed Mother’s Day weekend and let me know what was on your dinner menu!

Olive Oil
2 medium shallots, diced
4 chicken breasts
Seasoned salt
Black pepper
Dried Basil
Dried Oregano

2/3 cup balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup chicken stock, low sodium
2 tbsp soy sauce, low sodium

Tomato Mixture
2 cups crushed or diced tomatoes
1 tbsp brown sugar

Add olive oil to a braising pan or other heavy cooking pan. Add shallots and cook until softened. Season the chicken with the seasoned salt, pepper, basil, and oregano. Add chicken to the pan and brown on both sides. Add the sauce and cook for about ten minutes. Add the tomato mixture and cook until done. Throughout cooking ladle the sauce onto the chicken to blend all the flavors. Serve by garnishing with fresh basil and more of the sauce.

22 thoughts on “Braised Balsamic Chicken with Shallots

  1. Thanks for this very delicious ideas. I am defrosting chicken breasts now for tonight’s dinner

    1. Bernice says:

      Thanks BAM! It was really good and so easy to make!

  2. Susan says:

    Looks and sounds amazing!

    1. Bernice says:

      Thanks! It is really good – plus easy to make!

      1. Susan says:

        I made this tonight and it’s incredible! I’ll definitely be making it again and again.

      2. Bernice says:

        I am glad you liked it! It is so easy to make and is delicious! Plus the leftovers are good too. I think it will be making into our dinner rotation too.

  3. This is so beautifully simple! I have every ingredient on hand, it’s coming up soon for dinner…Thanks Bernice:)

    1. Bernice says:

      Enjoy Peri! I like using smaller chicken breasts since they marinade nicely during cooking – and pretty much cuts with a fork it is so tender.

  4. The chicken looks delicious! We had salmon that had been smoked next to an open fire with new potatoes and coleslaw. Your menu sounds wonderful!

    1. Bernice says:

      Your dinner sounds fabulous! I love smoked salmon!

    1. Bernice says:

      Thanks for linking to my recipe!

  5. Oooh this looks finger licking good. 🙂

    1. Bernice says:

      Thank you! It was really good!!

  6. Sheryl says:

    The chicken looks delicious! And, thanks for the information about how the thickness of the sauce differs depending upon whether crushed or diced tomatoes were used. I hadn’t realized that they might lead to different results when used in a recipe.

    1. Bernice says:

      I actually did not either until I used the petite diced tomatoes and noticed a difference in the sauce. I let it cook down a bit and it was fine. I think I will stick to the crushed tomatoes as I liked the overall texture of the sauce better.

  7. Sophie33 says:

    I made your divine superb dish yesterday & my hubby Peter & I both loved it so much,..We ate green beans with shallots & garlic with it & new boiled potatoes!

    1. Bernice says:

      This is now one of my favorite dishes to make! I love the green beans with shallots and garlic plus boiled potatoes. With the extra sauce I can see how nicely that would work with the boiled potatoes. Glad you and Peter enjoyed it! 🙂

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