Not Your Typical Potato Soup! This one has Shrimp added!

Potato Soup Cover
Every year I make a potato soup for St. Patrick’s Day. Last year I made St. Patrick’s Day Potato Soup! The version I made this year is an easy to make potato soup with the shrimp adding a bit more saltiness making it fun to eat. Depending upon the size you dice the potatoes, you can have it completed in about an hour. Make a large pot and you have potato soup for a few days! I like to buy cooked salad shrimp that I add as I am serving the soup. Makes it a quick dinner after work as it takes a few minutes to heat the soup and thaw the shrimp. The salad shrimp is also the perfect size for this soup. If you do not care for shrimp you can substitute ham or enjoy it as is! When serving I typically add a little extra sharp cheddar cheese. You do not need much for added flavor. Do you have a favorite potato soup recipe?

And for those who may be wondering… yes it is still bitter cold and snowing – even though the calendar says spring! Another winter storm is coming up the coast and so far it looks like it will miss us! Remember we have had two confirmed blizzards this year. Winter just does not want to leave us this year. I have to share the below picture I saw on Facebook. It is so true! Our poor birds are returning and you wonder if they get cold? And yes, they need little jackets, hats, scarves, and a hot beverage!

Recipe adapted from Paula Deen. Click here for her recipe.

Soup Ingredients
3 tbsp butter
1 large sweet onion, diced
3 medium carrots, diced
1 – 2 tbsp flour
8 medium russet potatoes, peeled and cubed
4 to 5 cups 1% or 2% milk
2 granulated chicken bouillon packages, sodium free
1 cup half-and-half, light
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp white pepper

Cooked Salad shrimp, thawed, rinsed, drained

Crumbled bacon bits
Grated sharp Cheddar

In a 5-quart saucepan, melt the butter and sauté the onion and carrots until both are slightly tender, about 5 minutes. Whisk in the flour and cook for 1 minute. Add the potatoes, milk, and dissolved bouillon cubes. Cook over medium heat for 45 minutes, until the potatoes are at desired tenderness. Add the half-and-half, salt, and pepper.


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