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Chestnut Ridge cover

Last weekend, Greg and I went on a wonderful fall walk at Chestnut Ridge Park. It is one of the nicer parks in Western New York. We went on a hike recently to The Eternal Flame, which is part of Chestnut Ridge Park. Our intent was to see some fall color. The timing is always difficult because sometimes you are too early or a bit too late. Some of the trees had already turned and dropped their leaves while others had not turned yet. We did get to see some nice color and it was a perfect day for a walk. The park was filled with runners, young families with their children, plus couples and friends taking a nice fall walk. The park is large so it can accommodate a lot of people! I love those perfect fall days when it is not too hot nor too cold. It was a perfect day that we enjoyed a walk for a couple of hours. I wish there were more days like that! So when they do come, we enjoy them fully! I hope you enjoy the pictures on our nature walk.

Chestnut Ridge 1

Chestnut Ridge 2

Chestnut Ridge 4

Chestnut Ridge 8

Chestnut Ridge 7

Chestnut Ridge 6

Chestnut Ridge 5

Chestnut Ridge 9

Chestnut Ridge 10

Chestnut Ridge 13

Chestnut Ridge 14

Chestnut Ridge 15

Chestnut Ridge 18

Chestnut Ridge cover 2

Chestnut Ridge 17

Chestnut Ridge 16

Chestnut Ridge 20

15 thoughts on “A Fall Walk at Chestnut Ridge Park – Part 1

  1. I love your photo. Did you take it?

    1. Bernice says:

      Thank you. Yes, I did take all the photos. It was such a beautiful day – I wish they would last longer. It seem we only get a couple of really nice fall weekends.

      1. And we have just winter to look forward to then

      2. Bernice says:

        Yes, I never look forward to winter! In a way I dread it since I am not a cold-weather person nor enjoy snow sports. And winter is far too long.

  2. nonfatlatte says:

    So beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Bernice says:

      I am glad you enjoyed them! It was such a beautiful fall day! I do wish there were more of them – but you enjoy them when they do arrive. πŸ™‚

  3. Heather says:

    what beautiful photos Bernice…love that you had such a nice day to take the photos because I find the same thing…it is often difficult to to be able to get out and take photos at the right time.

    1. Bernice says:

      Thank you Heather! That is the sad part of fall – the colors come and go far too quickly.

  4. willowdot21 says:

    OH! what wonderful colours!!

    1. Bernice says:

      It was a wonderful day! I love the colors on the trees but I also love the leaves on the ground. I think they are beautiful in a different way. A carpet of leaves!

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