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Thai House 1
This posting continues my review on the restaurants we visited during our New Hampshire vacation. You can find part 1 here. On our third night of vacation, we went to Chang Thai Cafe because it had excellent guest reviews. At first I was happy because the service and food was good. We had the spring rolls and they were fresh and tasty. I had a pineapple and cashew fried rice dish. It was a clean dish as the vegetable was not overcooked and the sauce was not too heavy. But in reality there was not much of a sauce. I do not know if you can tell from the pictures but some of the rice was still white so it was not properly covered with sauce.
Thai House 3

Greg got his Pad Thai as medium and in a lot of Thai restaurants in Buffalo, medium can be hot. At this restaurant there was no heat in medium. But we were happy since the food was edible and good service. Perhaps they were catering to tourists because they said their owner is from Thailand leading you to believe traditional Thai food.
Thai House 2

The food was good enough and we were concern about trying another restaurant. So the next night we returned and this experience was not as good. First the restaurant was 75% empty and the hostess was leading us to sit next to a table where the kids were basically jumping off the wall. I will always blame the business owner for not training their hostess to make sure the customer has a good dining experience so they will return. Yes, I know they need to be sensitive to ensure the waitresses have fairness for tips – but if we have a bad experience we do not give a second chance. And I understand that families are going to bring their children and it is a long time for children to sit still. But when your restaurant is 75% empty you can do better with the sitting. So she moves us somewhere else when Greg expressed the concern about the children – next to another table with children and under an air conditioning unit periodically blowing cold air. Seriously this is your idea of good hospitality? Greg mentioned to her I guess we can’t win tonight and she just smiled and walked away – she seemed rather clueless. Our waitress was a sweet young lady. I ordered a different stir fry and was rather disappointed when I found out it was the exact same dish as the one I had the night before except having pineapple and cashews it had a couple of other vegetables added. This was very misleading since it was two different dishes on their menu leading one to believe they would have their own flavor profile. They really should have had one entry for fried rice with two options to select from so guests know it is the same plate.
Thai House 4

Thai House 5

Overall, it was the best of the three restaurants with a reasonable price point with decent food. If you go there make sure they do not seat you under the air conditioning unit since they are clueless that it could take your hot dinner and turn it cold rather quickly. If we ever go back to New Hampshire we will stay at a manor or inn where the dinner is included in their restaurant. They are typically fine dining but the cost is part of the package making it cost effective. I may sound harsh but it does not seem unreasonable to me that a tourist town have decent hospitality and that the food is good at a reasonable price point. I don’t know how many times I said to Greg they need a Moe’s! Their food is excellent and provides a ton of energy for hiking. Stay tuned for my last part where I share the best food we had while dining out!

5 thoughts on “Franconia Notch New Hampshire: Restaurants Part 2

  1. Heather says:

    the food actually looks good…but I know what you mean about seating…when I go to a restaurant I ask for what I want if I see it available and if I’m taken to a spot I don’t like I ask for something that I prefer…if I’m not obliged, I will leave…this may sound a bit harsh but to me, when I’m going out to eat, paying good money, I want the best experience I can have and seating I’m happy with is high on the list of requirements! 🙂

    1. Bernice says:

      I do not think it is harsh at all. We are paying good money for dinner and we want to enjoy the experience. The food was good – except no heat at all, which is unusual for us at a Thai restaurant. We have Thai restaurants in Buffalo where medium is hot! And the horrible hospitality on the second night also dampened the overall experience. But we really enjoyed our time in NH – minus the restaurants. 🙂

  2. Sophie33 says:

    The food dishes look good though sorry to hear about the bad hospitality & other things!

    1. Bernice says:

      The food was not bad – though the medium heat did not have much heat. It seems you encounter a lot of bad hospitality but in a tourist town you expect better. Overall we loved the hiking trip – just not the restaurants. 🙂

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