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The Basin cover

The Basin was a series of small waterfalls some of them interconnected. I would say it was an easy hike in comparison to the waterfalls we hiked to last year (Glen Ellis FallsRipley Falls, Arethusa FallsGibbs Falls). A lot of beautiful small waterfalls with low effort to get to them! But even these shorter trails can have their own challenges with steep inclines plus loose rocks, tree limbs to walk around or over. But they are typically short bursts of energy needed to maneuver them instead of the straight up and straight down climbs required by other waterfalls. We really enjoyed our time at The Basin since around every corner there was something beautiful for us to view whether it was a waterfall or a stream. Plus for some of the waterfalls you could view it from different angles depending upon where you are hiking. I love when you can get a circular viewpoint to enjoy it from so many different angles. Plus you will see in one of the signs that there were different falls and trails in a short distance for beautiful views. My below pictures will include some of those views. This definitely was one of my favorite hiking areas! Plus I have included a couple of videos I think you will enjoy of the Basin and the upper falls! Click here for more information about The Basin.
The Basin 1
The Basin 2
The Basin 8
The Basin 6

The Basin 5

The Basin 4
The Basin 18

The Basin 17

The Basin 16
The Basin 13

The Basin 14
The Basin 9
The Basin 7

The Basin 3

The Basin 10

The Basin 11

The Basin 12

The Basin 15

The Basin 20

The Basin 19

The Basin 21

4 thoughts on “Franconia Notch New Hampshire: The Basin

  1. nonfatlatte says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Bernice says:

      Thank you – I am glad you enjoyed the pictures!!

    1. Bernice says:

      Yes it could be! Very peaceful and easy to get to unlike some of the waterfalls in NH that are about an hour or more climb.

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