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Bear Mountain Lodge 2

Our third hiking trip to New Hampshire. Previously we went to Pinkham Notch, Crawford Notch, and this year Franconia Notch! With time for lunch and quick stops it takes us about 9- to 10-hours. The last two years we stayed at Stonehurst Manor and this year we decided to stay at Bear Mountain Lodge which is a beautiful log cabin style B&B. The photos were beautiful on their website – but it was even more stunning in person! This is the view as we arrived driving down a tree-lined driveway. Click here for their website.

Bear Mountain Lodge 1

Bear Mountain Lodge 3

We arrived after 6 PM and was warmly greeted by one of the owners, Michael, who gave us a tour of his beautiful lodge. While we were at Bear Mountain Lodge there were guests from Belgium, Spain, England, and Switzerland. Michael told us his furthest guests were from Singapore and India. Bear Mountain Lodge is just beautiful with a fantastic view of Mount Washington. This is the view walking into the front door – is it not gorgeous!!
Bear Mountain Lodge Interior 12

Here a couple more pictures as you walk into the lodge.
Bear Mountain Lodge Interior 3

Bear Mountain Lodge Interior 2

Bear Mountain Lodge Interior 1
We stay at a lot of B&B’s and typically we receive good hospitality, a beautiful home to stay at, and a nice breakfast. At this point, I like to look at what makes a B&B unique and special. I loved all the details of the lodging structure and amenities for the guests. The rooms have beautiful artwork, handcrafted beds, and tables. Flameless candles are provided and the fireplace shuts off after 25-minutes. I love those details! Below are pictures of our room and the beautiful view through the slide-glass doors that led from our room to the back yard. Basically every where I looked was something of interest. And if the lodge wasn’t enough – just look outside! Those mountains are just gorgeous. And check out that beautiful painting of the hills on fire with color in autumn – I saw it as soon as I came into the room. And I just loved it!!
Bear Mountain Lodge Interior 6

Bear Mountain Lodge Interior 5

Bear Mountain Lodge Interior 4
Bear Mountain Lodge Interior 11

Bear Mountain Lodge Interior 10

Bear Mountain Lodge Interior 9
Bear Mountain Lodge View from room 4

Bear Mountain Lodge View from room 3

Bear Mountain Lodge View from room 2

Bear Mountain Lodge View from room 1
Bear Mountain Lodge View from room 5
A beautiful billards room is available and Greg and I played a couple of games of pool. In the main sitting room are numerous games, books, and videos. Plus there is the beautiful view that you can enjoy as you read your book or connect to the Wi-Fi.
Bear Mountain Lodge Interior 8

Bear Mountain Lodge Interior 7

The breakfast room has a Keurig for coffee, a variety of tea bags, spring water, hot water, and pop available at any time. Plus there were different desserts like homemade maple fudge and chocolate chip cookies available. Breakfast consists of two courses plus juice, coffee, or tea. While we were there, the first course was fruit or bread based. The second course was carb based. Below are a few pictures – I will be making lemon ricotta pancakes and pineapple-orange smoothie.
Bear Mountain Lodge Dining 4

Bear Mountain Lodge Dining 3

Bear Mountain Lodge Dining 2

Bear Mountain Lodge Dining 1
Bear Mountain Lodge Breakfast 9

Bear Mountain Lodge Breakfast 8

Bear Mountain Lodge Breakfast 7

Bear Mountain Lodge Breakfast 6

Bear Mountain Lodge Breakfast 5

Bear Mountain Lodge Breakfast 4

Bear Mountain Lodge Breakfast 3

Bear Mountain Lodge Breakfast 2

Bear Mountain Lodge Breakfast 1

And here are a few more pictures I think you will enjoy!
Bear Mountain Lodge Pics 9

Bear Mountain Lodge Pics 8

Bear Mountain Lodge Pics 7

Bear Mountain Lodge Pics 6

Bear Mountain Lodge Pics 5

Bear Mountain Lodge Pics 4

Bear Mountain Lodge Pics 3

Bear Mountain Lodge Pics 2

Bear Mountain Lodge Pics 1

4 thoughts on “NH Hiking Trip: Bear Mountain Lodge

    1. Bernice says:

      Thanks – it was a wonderful stay!!

  1. My husband would adore this lodge.

    1. Bernice says:

      I am not a log cabin person. But this place was just beautiful. I am not sure if the pictures does it justice. There was so much to view inside and outside the lodge.

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