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Niagara on the Lake Sunday tree lined sidewalk

Greg and I had a wonderful vacation at Niagara on the Lake in Canada. In my last posting I shared pictures of the B&B we stayed at Abacot Hall, which was a wonderful experience! So where to start with all we did over a three-day period. Why not at the beginning with what we did on Sunday. We had a package deal and as part of that we had two tickets to see Lady Windermere’s Fan at the Shaw Festival. I always wanted to attend the Shaw Festival so I was pretty excited about the opportunity. Plus the play we selected looked really good. Since Greg and I were not familiar with the area, we quickly unpacked and headed outside for a walk. We walked from our B&B to the Shaw Festival, which was about a 35-minute walk. It was a beautiful day and was a comfortable walk. The cover picture is a tree-lined sidewalk that we started our walk when we left the B&B. I love this picture because it makes you wonder what adventures is ahead of you! We did a lot of walking and the weather was perfect as it was a bit overcast. I track my steps using my fitbit and over that three-day period we walked 26-miles. Now that is a good vacation!

Niagara on the Lake Sunday Shaw Festival

That evening we attended the play and it was really good. If you want to know more about the play click here. The play takes place over a 24-hour time period. The fan is prominent in the play and I will not say too much in case anyone is planning on attending. I like how in plays the props are emphasized since you do not have special affects or computer-generated images like you have in the movies. For example, the women would snap their fans when they did not want to be disturbed or to emphasize a certain emotion. At times all the actors would freeze in place allowing the main characters in the scene to have your attention. The stage affects was also interesting. For the first act the stage was set up for both scenes. However, the curtain would slowly open exposing the stage set. The curtain became a frame focusing your attention as the entire curtain would not open. For other acts the entire stage was required. I loved that special affect with the curtain because it added an artistic element I was not expecting. Remember I rarely attend the theatre and the few plays and musicals I attended never used props as in this play. If you do see this play… keep your eye on the fan…

Shaw Festival building

Shaw Festival Todays Performance

Below is a picture of a bike rental place in walking distance from the B&B. Plus we could borrow bikes from the B&B as a lot of people go wine tasting riding a bicycle. Though I find that rather amusing if you have too much to drink you might fall off your bike!! Our package included coupons for free tastings at a few wineries. But since this was our first trip we had too much to explore and did not go wine tasting. Maybe another time.
Bike Rental and tours

A common site of seeing bikes parked.
Bicycles parked

You could go on a horse-drawn carriage for a ride. But the cost was $80/pp for a half hour. So we decided against it. However, if we thought of it earlier it would have been a good way to get familiar with the area. We, of course, did it on foot instead.
Horse carriage ride
Niagara on the Lake Carriage ride 1
Niagara on the Lake Carriage ride2
We needed somewhere to eat and we picked the restaurant that spoke to us – Shaw Cafe and Wine Bar. You will see why when you see the below pictures. In fact we ate there twice, outdoors on their upstairs patio. The food was fabulous and we were so relaxed. Plus it was fun to hear all the different languages and accents. At one point we had a Chinese family sitting next to us and then a Russian family. It made me wish I spoke another language besides English!
Shaw Cafe me in front of Shaw fountain

George Bernard Shaw plaque

Shaw Cafe outdoor view

Shaw Cafe front picture

Shaw Cafe sign

Shaw Cafe entrance
Shaw Cafe patio flowers

Shaw Cafe outdoor patio ceiling

Shaw Cafe a view from the upstairs patio
Shaw Cafe tables 3

Shaw Cafe tables 2

Shaw Cafe tables

Shaw Cafe me on the patio

Needless to say I am inspired to make a few new recipes. Their New York Style Cheesecake was awesome! Plus I liked how they made it in individual servings. Yes we had dessert. Greg asked me if we should have dessert and I did not know how to answer as he rarely ever asks that question! The smoke turkey sandwich and roast beef was also excellent! The smoked turkey had a garlic mayo and a sweet marmalade. The roast beef was tender and Greg enjoyed dipping it in the au jour. The steak fries were good and I think they had sea salt on them. Not a lot but just enough to make them interesting. We paid by credit and the server brought out a mobile credit card machine. We of course never saw one of these and that gave us away as Americans!
Shaw Cafe Dessert menu
Shaw Cafe New York Style cheesecake
Shaw Cafe roast beef

Shaw Cafe Smoked Turkey Sandwich
Shaw Cafe Greg with mobile credit card machine

And last a rare picture of me and Greg together….
Greg and me

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4 thoughts on “Niagara on the Lake Shaw Festival, Shaw Cafe & Wine Bar

  1. It looks like a wonderful place for a vacation.

    1. Bernice says:

      It was a fabulous place. We had such a great, relaxing time!

  2. Sophie33 says:

    It surely looks like a grand place to dine & wine, of course! You were there on July 21st, that day, Belgium got a new King! King Phillipe from Belgium! Yeah!

    1. Bernice says:

      Congratulations on your new King!! And yes the Shaw Cafe was fabulous. We loved sitting outside having our lunch or dinner.

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