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Orange Pumpkin Spice Cake Final Picture

I hope everyone who celebrates Independence Day is having a nice day! Our day is starting off as another rainy day! We are getting use to just grabbing an umbrella before going out in case it rains because we cannot let that stop us! We have been playing disc golf on wet fairways and getting a bit wet during an evening walk. Once you get past the annoyance of so much wet weather you just find a way to roll with it. Otherwise you ruin your own summer. 🙂 Today will be a good day to get a few things done around the house and get in a bit of shopping. On holidays there are typically cable stations that have a marathon of a specific show. Today the BBC America station is having Star Trek Next Generation on all day! So I consider that a big win!! I am now watching the episode “The Survivors” where the Enterprise rushes to the remote planet of Rana IV to answer an urgent distress signal. When they arrive they find the planet’s entire population has been destroyed. Except there is a mysterious elderly couple. I may record a few to watch at a later date. We are always juggling the storage on our DVR recorder / player. The hard drive is never enough for us! Does anyone else have this problem?

We are taking a four-day weekend and the weather should get nicer allowing for some fun outdoor activities. Over the past weekend we went to see the movie World War Z. I am not a zombie fan – I prefer sci-fi. But who can pass up Brad Pitt on the big screen! I will not provide any spoilers but to say it was a really good movie. Did anyone see World War Z? If you did, what did you think of the movie?

Now on to the cooking!!
There are a lot of recipes with slightly different spins on an orange-pumpkin cake. The below recipe was adapted from Stephanie Ashcraft “101 Things To Do With a Cake Mix”. Click here for the book. My mother made this spice cake for father’s day and it was delicious! You do not have to wait for fall to use your spices and pumpkin. I am also providing a few variations that you might like to experiment with when making this cake.

Cake Mix:
1 Yellow Cake Mix (feel free to try different flavors)
3 Egg Whites or equivalent Egg Substitutes
1 ¼ cup Pumpkin
1 cup Orange Juice
1/3 cup Sour Cream, Light
1 ½ tsp Vanilla (make your own if you can)
1 1/2 tsp Cinnamon
3/4 tsp Nutmeg
3/4 tsp Allspice
Chopped Walnuts, optional

Topping Options:
Powdered Sugar
Add fat-free cream cheese to make it an icing instead of a glaze

Orange Frosting:
1/3 cup Butter, softened
3 cups Powdered Sugar
3 to 4 tbsp Milk, Skim
2 to 3 tsp Orange Juice
Grated Orange Peel

Whipped Topping:
Prepared whipped topping or make your own with heavy cream with powdered sugar. Whipped until heavy peaks are formed.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix together cake ingredients and pour into a greased, flour Bundt pan or a 9×13-inch pan. Bake 35 – 40 minutes or until done. Before serving make your topping and finish your cake. You can add candied orange peel or mandarin oranges as a garnish.

12 thoughts on “Orange-Pumpkin Spice Cake

  1. Holy goodness that looks amazing!!

    1. Bernice says:

      It was good – enjoy!!

  2. This looks so good, I’m going to have to make this soon!

    1. Bernice says:

      Thanks. You really can add your own touches to the recipe and topping. It is always fun to experiment. 🙂

  3. Looks so good! I love pumpkin cake! It is rainy here as well. I woke up right as the power went out, said screw, this went back to bed till it came back on a few hours later. Ha!

    1. Bernice says:

      ha ha ha. The weather is frustrating this summer! But I am getting use to getting wet and never knowing when a shower cloud will pass overhead providing a 5-minute douse of rain!

  4. mamasheri says:

    Ok….I have a problem. I reload the pages over and over but the Like button is never clickable. The times they are are rare. They stack up in my inbox cuz I try again and again days later. From now on….please consider the word….”LIKED” in comments as my way of saying I read…I enjoyed…and I just may try out that recipe. Ok? Cool. Thanks.


    1. Bernice says:

      Thanks hon! I have the same problem occasionally. I click on “like” and it does nothing. I add a comment and it fails. Frustrating. I should send wordpress a bug report!

  5. K.Robertson says:

    Looks So good! I’m saving this recipe! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Bernice says:

      Your welcome – I hope you enjoy it!

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