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Carrot cake

How is everyone doing? This has been a very busy week for me at work as I am off on Friday for a two-day Just Joy women’s conference. I definitely will be blogging about the conference with pictures and such. Yesterday was my husband’s birthday and he was lucky to have a nice spring day! We went out to dinner to a local-owned Italian restaurant (Ilio DiPaolos’) and a brisk walk. Of course it started to cool down once we started our walk! For dinner we started with their bruschetta, which they top with a tasty feta cheese. It is one of those appetizers you cannot stop eating! I had a wonderful Chicken Piccata that was pounded thin with a fabulous breading and sauce!

Dinner Bruchetta

Dinner Chicken Piccata

We ended the evening with his birthday gifts, a carrot cake, and the movie Aliens! In watching the movie the futuristic Marines commented on how they are going on a bug hunt. That made me laugh since I also go on bug hunts – software bug hunts that is – and I am glad they do not bleed acid! Somehow most things take me back to software testing or technology. Speaking of Sci-Fi do you see the movie Oblivian opens April 19th? Anyone going to see it?

For week 4, our Eat Well Live Well challenge results were posted. I dipped a bit in the rankings as I was a little under the weather last week. I made 11th place for steps and 6th place for number of cups (last week I was number 1). The results are not cumulative with the first three weeks. But I am back on track for better rankings for next week. Unfortunately, my team is struggling due to numerous unexpected situations. For our weekly healthy snack we had a wonderful salad filled with vegetables prepared by Wegmans. Ironically while we were eating our healthy salad, we were talking about what restaurant had the best french fries. Then someone brought us left over gourmet cupcakes from a meeting. Just too funny!

EWLW Salad Dressing

EWLW Salad

During this past week, I have been nominated for several awards and I would like to thank everyone who provided the nominations. I really do appreciate your recognition. Because I do not want to wait until next week to address these, I am not going to following the “rules” for each award. However, I do hope you visit the bloggers who nominated me as they have wonderful blogs that I think you will enjoy reading.

Shaun provided the Wonderful Team Membership Readership Award. Thank you Shaun!!

Clarissa nominated me for the Liebster Blog Share The Love Award. Thank you Clarissa!!
Liebster Blog Share the Love

willowdot21 nominated me for Dragon’s Loyalty Award, Wonderful Team Member Readership Award, and The Versatile Blogger. Thank you Willowdot21!!


Ajay nominated me for the Shine on Award. Thank you Ajay!!

8 thoughts on “Birthday, Carrot Cake, Gifts, Aliens, Wegmans Eat Well Live Well, and Awards!

    1. Bernice says:

      Thank you – it was my husband’s birthday. Mine is in January – the dead of winter! 🙂

  1. willowdot21 says:

    You make me so hungry!!!!!! Love the awards they look cute!!

    1. Bernice says:

      ha ha ha. I am going to add the award to my front blog page when I get a chance. I do like how they look! 🙂

      1. willowdot21 says:

        yes they are nice but boy your cooking!!….. takes the biscuit 😉

  2. Happy belated birthday to your husband…it sounds like it was a wonderful celebration and dinner! Congratulations on all of the awards too!

    1. Bernice says:

      Thanks! He had a nice birthday! It always feels a bit strange getting all these awards, ha ha ha. But it is nice when people appreciate you. 🙂

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