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A Wet Heavy snow

Yesterday I blogged about a winter storm warning for the Northeast – we got a heavy, wet snow from this storm. On my way to work it was raining with a little sleet. Relatively speaking, it was warm at 31 degrees F. Not a good situation when you consider the temperatures are going to drop and the rain will freeze. In other areas of our region it was snowing all day. In the city of Buffalo more than 30 plows were on the road and from the PA line to Rochester, the New York State thruway had 100 plows! This does not include all the plows in the suburbs. Earlier in the day, they tried to salt the roads but the rain and snow mixture washed it away. In areas receiving snow, it was heavy and at times did not look like the plows were out.

Over the next few hours the rain/sleet mixture turned to a wet snow but it was not sticking to the road. However, by the time I left work it was sticking to the roads. Our vehicles were covered with snow – so I remotely started my jeep to start melting it. When I got outside, there was frozen ice on my vehicle with a heavy, wet packed snow that was more like concrete. I used my snowbrush and no snow came off my jeep! You had to break a spot in the snow and then pull chunks of snow off the vehicle. One of the developers, Rich, came over and helped me get critical areas cleared. (How is that for developer and tester relationships!)? I had to use my hands to clear some of the snow because the brush was not helping! It was just sliding over the snow. Normally when you leave snow on your vehicle it blows off on the way home. You try not to leave too much snow otherwise it slides down onto your window or creates a mini-whiteout for another driver. Because of that, I like to properly clear off the snow but it was packed and frozen solid. The roads were a bit slow going but not too bad. It only took me a few extra minutes to get home.

In the below picture, I am at home and the snow did not move!

Winter Storm Jeep roof with snow

I had to deal with a mixture of frozen ice and snow on the door handles!

Winter Storm frozen ice and snow

Good luck getting the running boards cleared! It was frozen solid!

Winter Storm Running Board

Below are a few pictures of our gardens that I took as it was getting dark and it was snowing!

Winter Storm Garden 1

Winter Storm Garden 2

Winter Storm Garden 3

8 thoughts on “A wet heavy snow!

  1. Wow, amazing! We don’t get snow where we live, so I can only imagine how cold it must be! It does look pretty though.

    1. Bernice says:

      Yes it is pretty if the snow is newly fallen. It coats the trees nicely. This snow was wet and heavy. Usually it is lighter and fluffy – makes it much easier to get off the vehicles. The day started off warmer so it was raining and then the temperatures dropped and it froze on the vehicles. Then add a wet snow that turned into snow and it was a mess!

  2. Cindy Green says:

    Looks a bit like Toronto too. Shovelled three times yesterday so it wouldn’t pile up too much and yet it did pile up! Lucky I didn’t have to go anywhere. Today I tackle the car (12″ of snow on it right now) Ahhhh winter…..

    1. Bernice says:

      Yes, it seems winter has arrived! We got that wet, heavy snow which is so much more difficult to remove. It is snowing here lightly today but looks like the worst is over – at least for us. This time we didn’t get hit with a big snow fall. I am glad because we could use a break for a few years. 🙂

  3. We have been having similar conditions…almost got stuck on our road last week during a snow storm. The snow was so wet and heavy that shoveling the driveway was a workout!

    1. Bernice says:

      One of the more difficult snows to deal with! Luckily we did not get hit with the winter storm as some states did. The roads are good today and the snow has stopped.

  4. The snow look pretty but not funny or pleasant when you have to drive in it!

    1. Bernice says:

      Yes, I do agree. Driving in snow can be dangerous. Sometimes the danger is the other drivers who are either driving too slow or too fast for the weather condition. Somehow it always seems to start snowing right before I leave work to go home! Luckily the days are getting longer so it is now light outside when I leave.

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