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Greg and I played what is most likely our last round of disc golf for the season. We played at Como Lake Park and the weather started out warm in the 70’s. Then as we played the last 9 holes the temperature started dropping until it got to be 56!! It was ironic because most of this summer we were playing in 90 to 100 degrees! It was interesting playing in autumn with the fallen leaves. It made finding the disc in the brush easier without the leaves, but it could be challenging finding your disc when it landed in the dense leaves!

I started with my red archangel but it blended with the leaves. Then I used my yellow leopard but the interior of the disc is clear so that did not help. So I ended up with my bright pink wraith disc!

Como Lake Park is a par 72 from the white tees. In July I had a 117 and in August 116. Today I had a few bad holes but I got a 94!!! I had 1 birdie, 5 pars, 4 bogeys, and 5 double bogeys. Below is a picture of me at hole 5 that I par and did better than Greg! I rarely get a better score than my husband so yes, I am happy when I beat him on a hole. I was using my mid-range shark and luckily it landed in the basket. Not sure I would have ever found it in the leaves!

I had a penalty and a couple of really bad shots that cost me a few extra points. Below is a picture of Greg rescuing my disc and of course I took a penalty stroke.

If I can tighten up on a few holes I think next year I can get the score down to the high 80’s. I am really proud of my score of 94 because I worked really hard this year practicing my distance throws, how to place my discs to reduce strokes, and studying how the professionals play the game.

Fall is a beautiful time of year. We enjoyed such beautiful views while playing disc golf.

I love these ducks hanging out in the lake on a log.

A beautiful picture of the lake – so serene and peaceful!

I love the different textures at this time of year. You have trees with no leaves left on it while other trees still have some of their leaves.

As you walk you are crunching and kicking through leaves. I love this part of the course where you can see the lighthouse. So very pretty in fall! Can you see my orange mid-range shark disc behind the tree? Not one of my better placements!

Leaves were every including the walking bridges drifting down into the lake!

Near the end of the course was this beautiful tree that was holding on to its bottom portion of leaves. Just a beautiful sight with its vivid red leaves. It is what fall is all about – beautiful colors! And disc golf!

4 thoughts on “Disc Golf, Fall & Leaves!

  1. Great fall photos. I think I would want a bright pink golf disk so that it would show up brightly amongst the leaves.

    1. Bernice says:

      Thanks! We had a great time though it was challenging at times to find our discs. The bright pink one definitely helped. Luckily we got out when we did because now it is cold, rainy, and damp. That might be the last round for 2012. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Sean says:

    Great post and photos. I find that blue discs show up really well in the leaves and are all I use during the fall.

    1. Bernice says:

      Thanks! Good idea on the blue discs. All my discs blended into the leaves! Lesson learned for next time! I can’t wait until spring to start playing again!

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