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Today was just a gorgeous fall day! Greg and I went to Emery Park to kick through the leaves, enjoy the colors, and breathe in that wonderful, fresh fall air! At times the road blended in with the grass since both were overtaken with leaves! It reminded us when we were children and you would rake the leaves into a pile – just so you could run through them!

I love this picture because I always wonder what new adventure waits around the corner!

Even the streams were filled with leaves!

Another road filled with leaves! At this time of the year you cannot get enough of the leaves and their pungent aroma. Especially since we do not have to rake all of these leaves!

Do you remember these wells? You would pump them to get your water when you were on a picnic. They would make that creaking noise as you pumped them. At first nothing would happen and then a gush of cold water would fill your bucket! Most of them are gone but every so often you find one that still is standing. It is such a treasure when you see one in good condition.

We came upon this tree that had fallen to the ground. How sad. It looks like a beautiful tree.

This is an old picnic shelter that most likely was built when the park open in the 1920’s. You will find a lot of old shelters or what remains of them. Emery Park is considered a Heritage Park because it was build during the Roosevelt era. This park has a lot of history that I have yet to discover!

Below is a picture of what remains of an old well. I really like this picture – I thought this old well was interesting to look at.

Below is a picture of a chimney – it used to be part of a shelter. I wish I could have seen the shelter. I wondered what it looked like.

This is a picture of the home of Josiah Emery who owned this land prior to it becoming a park. For over 100 years, his descendants lived on this property that was 175-acres. When the Parks Commission purchased this property this house was used for meetings and other events. Now unfortunately it is boarded up. Emery Park has evolved over time into a 489-acre park!! For more information on this beautiful park, click here.

When this house was being used they would play shuffleboard and there was a bocce court.

Lastly, below is a picture of an arbor that is by the house. I am sure at one time it was beautiful with planted flowers!

We only got through half of the park. So we have another adventure awaiting us to explore the rest of the park. I wonder what we will find!

4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Fall Day for a Walk at Emery Park

  1. Beautiful post. Nice pictures.

    1. Bernice says:

      Thank you! It was such a beautiful day!

  2. tony brough says:

    having grown up by “the park” as we called it i am now more interested in its history than i once was. It used to be a refuge, a party place, a meeting place and i am to this day 40 years later drawn to it. was it part of roosevelts work project and can i find photos of that period somewhere. I have many fond memories of this great western new york park and am very interested in its consruction phase. any help?

    1. Bernice says:

      Hi Tony. I don’t have any information on the construction phase though I must admit I am also curious to know more about this beautiful park. If I do come across anything I will certainly let you know! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day! Bernice

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