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Back in 2011, Lalit asked if I would be interested in writing for Tea-time with Testers. I was honored that he asked me to be a contributor as I loved the quality of his magazine in terms of content and artistic layout. When I completed my Master’s in Strategic Leadership I conducted my research project on career development and onboarding strategies. I love helping other people develop their careers and watching them grow in their confidence and abilities. I had been thinking about how I could tap into my background and share this information with other testers. I asked Lalit if he was interested in a career development series…. and he was! My series is called “Career Development and Learning Strategies for Testers.

You can find my articles at Tea-time with Testers. I try to write my articles from a practical standpoint with advice for both managers and testers that you can apply immediately. If you have any questions or suggestions for articles just let me know. I would love to hear from you!

My second article can be found in the January 2012 issue called Developing a Career Plan.

The focus of this article is developing a career plan with approaches that a manager can implement for his department and testers can adopt for their own professional development. The tools and techniques discussed can be modified to individual needs to customize a personal approach to career planning.

Developing a career plan whether formal or informal can be helpful in guiding a tester‟s career and reviewing progress. A formal plan may be written with a manager that defines a specific career path within a company or a tester can develop his own plan which might highlight specific goals or learning opportunities. Regardless of the approach, a manager can coach his employees for career-progression and a tester can take ownership of his future through his actions. The end-result of career planning should be skills and knowledge improvement and not a formal document that requires a lot of maintenance. The following sections provide suggestions to get started with developing a plan.

If you enjoyed the intro of this article, please read the rest at Tea-time with Testers.

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