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Back in 2011, Lalit asked if I would be interested in writing for Tea-time with Testers. I was honored that he asked me to be a contributor as I loved the quality of his magazine in terms of content and artistic layout. When I completed my Master’s in Strategic Leadership I conducted my research project on career development and onboarding strategies. I love helping other people develop their careers and watching them grow in their confidence and abilities. I had been thinking about how I could tap into my background and share this information with other testers. I asked Lalit if he was interested in a career development series…. and he was! My series is called “Career Development and Learning Strategies for Testers.

You can find my articles at Tea-time with Testers. I try to write my articles from a practical standpoint with advice for both managers and testers that you can apply immediately. If you have any questions or suggestions for articles just let me know. I would love to hear from you!

My first article can be found in the November 2011 issue called Onboarding New Testers.

The focus of this article is onboarding newly hired testers into your department. If you are not a hiring manager, but a tester who is changing companies or departments, you can identify information from this article to create an informal onboarding program.
It is important to integrate new testers to your department and company‘s social norms; policies and procedures; and communication protocol. The initial goal is for the employee to confirm that he made the right decision to join the company or transition to a new department. An onboarding program for an employee changing departments is also important to ensure he understand both departmental and job role differences. The second goal is to provide an initial training program to help him gain any skills and knowledge initially required for the job.

The onboarding strategy can be translated to a light-weight learning plan customized to the tester‘s training needs providing a foundation of expectations for the first few months. A learning plan coupled with conversations and hands-on assignments can help in both integration and socialization aspects.

If you enjoyed the intro of this article, please read the rest at Tea-time with Testers.

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