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Please see Part 1 for an introduction to disc golf and my journey as I am learning to play. This posting has some pictures and information on Chili and Parma, plus a few videos of us playing those courses. Watch me play Parma hole 4, to see a surprise ending! Glad we got that on video!

Greg got interested in competing in amateur disc golf tournaments. This led us to play professional courses just outside of Rochester, NY called Chili and Parma. They are both used for professional and ameuteur events. I will talk more about the tournaments in the third part of this posting.

For the most part, Chili is a wide-open course where the ability to throw long-distance is important. Parma is a technical course and is more difficult as you need to weave your disc through dense trees. Chili has trees that will get in your way but it is still more open. Parma reminds me of hiking trails – you get to hike and play disc golf at the same time. Does not get much better than that! Some of their baskets are out in the open but are typically surrounded by trees. Both courses are a lot of fun to play as they each provide different challenges. Below is the map of Chili disc golf course. Many courses will provide an overall view of the layout before you start to play. As you can see from the below map, the baskets are not a direct line from your starting point and a couple of the holes are long drives.

As a tip whenever you are playing a course for the first time it might be confusing on relating the baskets to the correct hole. If you find yourself a bit lost, don’t worry about it. We have all been there our first time. Just ask someone if you need help. The second time you play the course will be much easier to find the baskets. Remember disc golf is about having fun – so don’t stress over it!

Each t-pad will have a sign with helpful information. It may include a map to help you find the basket, know the par, and distance from 3-different playing levels. The longest distance is considered the pros or more advanced players, the mid is for amateurs and the closest is for those who want the shortest distance to throw. Typically you select a playing level to shoot from for all the holes.

Below is a starting marker for someone who wants to shoot at the amateur level. The markers can be easy or hard to locate depending upon the course and where people are starting their game. At some courses we play the markers are easy to find since there are two of them and the ground is worn down. If you are having a hard time finding the markers, try stepping off the distance from the first t-pad to estimate a starting place.

In disc golf you throw the disc to the basket. You start with your driver disc to get as close to the basket as possible. In this picture I am using my Archangel disc driver. (See Part 1 for more information on my starter discs and how to select them.) Recently I started to use a Champion Leopard Fairway Driver and I love it!

As you get closer to the basket you may switch to your mid-range disc to allow you to place your disc closer to the basket. As you get closer your driver disc may go beyond the basket. Once you are at about 20 – 30 feet switch to your putter to make the basket! The actual distance you use your putter may be different but 20 – 30 feet provides you with an initial starting point.

It is great when you hear those chains clanking when you make your shot and heartbreaking when the disc bounces off the basket! Or the time my husband’s disc went straight through the chains! We were surprised the chains did not stop the disc to land in the basket. Getting good at your putting is important to shave points off your score. You can purchase your own basket to practice your putting or distance throws if you have a large yard or park where you can practice.

Below is a video of Greg’s first drive for a few holes at Chili. It will give you a flavor of the difficulty of the course plus the beautiful scenery. There are a lot of trees but is a different challenge than Parma.

Chili has beautiful scenery! It is an enjoyable time being so close to nature and it is a peaceful course to play. It is well-maintained.

But as with any course it provides you with challenges. In the below picture you cannot see the basket but it is to the right past the shrubs. The placement of the disc, means we needed to figure how to get it around the corner while reducing the number of throws without throwing into the brush.

Below is another shot of this same hole; but this time we are behind a small hill!

I love this below shot because the basket is to the left of this small tower; however Greg’s disc ended up to the right. He needed to figure out how to get it to the left!

Not only did Greg need to get his disc to the other side, there is a door in front of the tower that is sometimes open. You do not want to throw or have your disc roll inside the tower. I cannot imagine how you would perform that shot!

And here is the basket – you can see the challenging shot Greg had! I am not sure how he threw his disc to curve around the tower to the basket!

Parma is another scenic course. As you can see from the below map it is a challenging Par 3 course with a lot of trees! You cannot imagine how challenging this course is until you actually play it! And remember I am just learning the game so you should not be afraid to try new, challenging courses.

Below is one of the signs for Parma. As you can see you need to throw your driver disc straight down along a tree-lined path. You do not want to shoot into the trees since you may never find your disc again. Then you need to get to the left as the basket is buried within a forest of trees! This basket is actually a lot of fun to play – though the first time it was difficult to locate. So it is important to take a good look at your sign to find your current basket and the next one. Using my iPhone, I took a picture of each sign so Greg and I could refer back to it until we learned the course.

Below is a picture of this basket surrounded by trees. What this picture does not show you is the basket is into the woods and you need to navigate between trees to get to it.

The below video is me playing this hole – number 4. Watch the video for a surprise ending!

I love this hole and its obstacles. You need to weave your disc through a forest of trees and then there are those stack of logs. If you throw too low you will hit them and if you are not careful you will hit a tree! Then once you get past all of these obstacles, you then need to drive out into the wide open space for quite a distance.

Below is a video of my first shot on this hole – number 5.

The below throwing pad is on top of a hill with the basket not even in sight! If you can keep your drive between those trees you will be okay. But too far right or left — and you are searching for your disc. In these situations it is important to watch where your disc lands and if possible have a spotter who goes ahead to keep an eye on where it lands.

Below is a video of Greg playing a difficult hole. Unfortunately I was taking pictures with my iPhone in portrait mode and I forgot to change to landscape! But you still get the feeling of this hole difficulty.

Another basket is on top of a steep hill – so you can see where wearing hiking shoes is a good idea! I see some people wearing flip flops. In disc golf you never know where you are going to end up as it can be shrub, climbing a small hill, walking through branches etc. So be smart about your footwear to give you protection and support. See Part 1 for the hiking sneakers that I love to wear!

I love this below picture of Greg throwing his disc down a tree-lined path. It was a beautiful shot as it was going straight and staying level. I believe he did well on this basket. Trees can be a problem or a gift. Sometimes a disc that is veering too far left or right will hit a tree to change the direction back onto the course. Other times you might have a great drive that hits a tree and the disc crashes to the ground! But that is what makes the game fun.

Can you see the basket buried behind all of those trees and on top of a little hill? Look for the blue arrow that I added to this picture so you can find the basket. So you finally are able to weave your way through the trees and then your disc rolls down that little hill! Yep that is what happened to me! That can easily cost you a point and they add up if you do that too many times.

The last part of this story is about Greg’s first experience in the disc golf amateur tournament. Plus I am planning more blog postings with pictures from other courses and tips and techniques that are helping me play better. So stay tuned!

Poppy Seed Vinaigrette Dressing

Ingredients I like to use….
1/2 cup Sugar or other sweetener
2 tblsp Lemon Juice
1/3 cup Red Wine Vinegar
2/3 cup Olivio (Canola and 20% Olive Oil)
1 1/2 to 2 tsp Poppy Seeds

A few tips I hope will help you….
You can use olive oil, but it will harden once you put it in the refrigerator. You will need to take it out of the refrigerator prior to using. Another option is vegetable oil that will not harden in the refrigerator. I like to use the Olivio as it is light and perfect for baby spinach and fruits.

Measure your ingredients.

Put all ingredients in a shaker.

… and shake! Place in refrigerator until you need it.

Baby Spinach Fruit Salad

Ingredients I like to use….
Baby Spinach
Sliced Strawberries
1 can of Mandarin Oranges, drained
Sliced Almonds

Place baby spinach on a plate, layer the fruit on top of the baby spinach and top with the sliced almonds.

Serve with Poppy Seed Vinaigrette Dressing. This is great as a side salad to your dinner. I also like to make it my main meal with grilled chicken and a Greek yogurt. It is a great dinner packed with protein, vitamins, healthy oils, and many other good things for you!

2 thoughts on “Do you want to know more about Disc Golf? Read part 2 to visit Chili and Parma professional disc golf courses… and for a Poppy Seed Vinaigrette Spinach Fruit Salad recipe!

  1. pstpierre says:

    I’ve never heard of disc golf but it sounds like fun.

    Your spinach fruit salad looks amazing.

    Thanks for stopping by and liking my post and sorry it took so long to reply.

    I also was nominated for the versatile blog award but I can’t seem to copy it and link it.


    1. Bernice says:

      Disc Golf is a lot of fun. To copy the award picture, I right-click over the image so the short cut menu appears. Then I click on “save image as” and save it to my computer. Then you can upload the image and add it to a posting like you would with any image or picture. to make it show on my main blog page, I go to “Widgets” and I add an image widget. You can copy and paste the uploaded URL link as the Imagine URL. Not sure if this helps? Let me know….

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