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Please refer to Part 1 Scrambled Egg Bake and our first NHRA drag racing event! – Part 1 for the first part of our first NHRA drag racing event story.

Since we are from the East Coast we rarely get temperatures in the 90’s and we typically get a nice breeze from Lake Erie. The temperature that day at the races was over 100 degrees in the stands with no movement of air. We spent the day trying to survive the heat while watching the drag races and then escaping for shelter and a hydrating beverage or ice cream. We never had so many large sugary lemonades as we did that day. It made me wonder how people in the south survive this type of weather! It is oppressive beyond words.

As the drivers were getting ready to race again, we mentally prepared ourselves to enter the oven of heat and then sit on the bright aluminum seats that throughout the day were heating up to a nice hot temperature! But no matter how hot it was for us, we could not imagine the extreme temperatures the drivers were experiencing while wearing their fire suits and helmets inside of a funny car directly behind a 7,000 horsepower engine! The track temperature was recorded at reaching 150 degrees! Can you imagine how hot that must be!

The races we watched were safe with only one fire but no critical accidents. We did see several cars lose parts – luckily none of those parts flew into the crowd! Many of the drivers could not get their high speeds due to the humidity and heat. The funny cars were topping out around 285 and the dragsters were making it into the 300’s. As the classes of cars changed, the power increased dramatically shaking the stands and the noise! Did I mention the noise! Good thing for those ear plugs! But I loved every moment witnessing the power of the dragsters in person. Unlike the wonderful aroma of breakfast in the morning at our B&B, the heavy scent of nitro methane filled the air at the track. Making it even worse was the heavy humidity!

We attempted to prepare for the race by bringing ear protection, a water spray bottle, and SPF 50 sunscreen. Yes we slathered on the sunscreen; but I believe it just melted away in the heat! And yes I did get a slight sunburn! Somehow it does not seem fair to get sunburn when using SPF 50 sunscreen! But I knew we were newbies at this as I watched the people with their attractive homemade hats made of a wet towel draped over their head! What a fashion statement! But they were cooler than me! In our defense, we did bring a couple of wet towels that we kept in a plastic bag. They heated up to become sauna towels instead of providing cool relief!

I was also jealous of those experienced fans that brought a padded seat with a backrest to be more comfortable sitting on the aluminum seats. What a luxury! I wondered if there was a vendor selling them for a ridiculous price! But no such luck. They were only selling the padded seats without the backrest. I thought it was best to hold out for the full package!

Through all of this I did enjoy watching the dragsters. I love their long, thin lines packed with amazing power! But next time we will pick a fall race that hopefully will be cooler! Then we can better enjoy the races and the time in the pits. We might get to meet the drivers and have a photo opportunity in a dragster! Can you imagine me sitting in a dragster! I would love it! Needless to say, we are looking forward to our next NHRA drag racing event. For the last part of our story click here.

We are continuing our theme of a breakfast recipe from Part 1 of this story! Our Layered Egg Omelet Sandwich is a favorite of my husband to make on the weekend. We hope you enjoy the recipe.

Ingredients I like to use….
4 Eggs
Several slices Smoked Ham
4 slices Whole Grain Bread
Shredded cheese is optional

A few timesaving tips I hope will help you….
This is a quick breakfast omelet sandwich that you can make with eggbeaters if you want to reduce the fat. This can be made with whole grain bread or your favorite sandwich roll.

Here is how I prepare the meal… but feel free to experiment….
Scramble your eggs adding salt and pepper (shredded cheese is optional). Pour into a hot pan. Cook one side flipping to cook the other side. Basically cook it as you would an omelet but instead of adding the ingredients to the egg mixture, you layer it on the sandwich.

Place the sliced smoked ham on two slices of whole grain bread. You can toast the bread if you want that extra crunch. Cut the omelet in half and place on top of the sliced smoked ham. Top with your favorite salsa. Then place another slice of bread on top and enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Layered Egg Omelet Sandwich and our first NHRA drag racing event! – Part 2

  1. This sandwich looks simply delicious…the ham, salsa and whole grain bread all make it an egg treat worth trying!

    1. Bernice says:

      Thanks! And the great part is you can customize it to other ingredients. One friend mentioned using spinach instead of ham. And it is super easy and quick to make!

      1. Spinach is a great idea…eggs and spinach go really well together:) I love my ham too, going to give both combinations a try!

      2. Bernice says:

        That is true. I am thinking of making a similar version with baby spinach and feta cheese! I need to do some research on feta cheese to find the right type. I will post it if I can get a good combination together.

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