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A few years ago, my husband started to grill Steak Burgers as a great alternative to regular hamburgers. They are versatile as you can add BBQ sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, or any toppings during the last 5-minutes of grilling. We like to use steak seasonings to add additional flavor. Layering on the flavors is a great approach to transform your meal to the next level without having to devote a lot of time.

You can grill them along with our Grilled Yams recipe and have dinner on the table in about 15-minutes! This is a great option when you do not have a lot of time to prepare dinner but would like a grilled meal! Plus steak burgers always taste better when grilled outside! We hope you enjoy this recipe and that it inspires you to think about hamburgers differently!

2 Steak Burgers
Montreal Steak Seasonings, or your favorite seasonings
Optional Toppings: BBQ sauce, shredded cheddar cheese

Stop at your local meat shop to see if they have prepared steak burgers. Sometimes they come plain or mixed with onions and peppers. If you cannot find them prepared, you can always make your own steak patties!

Preheat your grill. Grill for about 15-minutes or until meat reaches temperature. Turn every 5-minutes. Before your last turn, sprinkle Montreal steak seasonings on the steak burger.

At your final turn shake some Montreal steak seasoning and then add your optional toppings. Grill another 5-minutes to ensure your toppings either melt or caramelizes. Serve with Grilled Yams and enjoy!

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