Greg’s BBQ Center-Cut Boneless Pork Chops

My husband has perfected his BBQ center-cut pork chop recipe through experimenting with different marinades and seasonings. Blending the different flavors of marinade, seasonings, and BBQ sauce transforms a center-cut boneless pork chop into a high-end meal! We like to serve with our Grilled Yams for wonderful, healthy dinner! Thank you to Greg for sharing his recipe!

This is one of my “Go To” recipes as we can place the center-cut boneless pork chops in the marinade before we leave for work. If we are serving grilled yams, we can wash and slice them the night before shaking them in an oil mixture just before grilling. The ability to plan this meal ahead of time is wonderful for those time-crunches when you do not want take-out but are short on time!

2 Center-Cut Boneless Pork Chops
Teriyaki Marinade
Montreal Steak Seasonings, or your favorite seasonings
Your favorite BBQ Sauce

It is best if you can marinade your center-cut pork chops for 12-hours. Depending upon how well seasoned your grill is will help determine if you need to spray with non-stick spray.

Your grilling time will depend upon the size of the center-cut boneless pork chops plus the temperature of your grill. Weather conditions will affect the grill’s temperature. On a hot day, you may need to adjust the temperature controls so the grill does not get too hot. On a cold or windy day you may need to increase the temperature controls to obtain the proper heat.

Marinade your center-cut pork chops in the Teriyaki Marinade. Preheat your grill. Grill for about 20-minutes or until meat reaches temperature. Turn every 5-minutes. Before your last turn, sprinkle Montreal steak seasonings onto the center-cut boneless pork chops.

At your final turn shake some Montreal steak seasoning and then spread BBQ sauce. Grill another 5- minutes to ensure the BBQ sauce caramelizes. Serve the center-cut boneless pork chops with your favorite side dish and extra BBQ sauce! We like to serve it with our Grilled Yams!

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4 replies

  1. sounds good – though I am going to broil mine using your method as much as I can – sounds delicious

  2. oooh Bernice, what a divine creation for pork chops.
    I allways buy boneless pork chops! Yummy yum!

    • Thanks! Depending upon what you use as your marinade – the grilled center cut pork chops can have a nice carmalized finish. I think they are heavenly and prefer thm over steak. :)

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